Why do people get their panties in a twist when someone calls them a bitch? That word can have too much negative connotation surrounding it. Honestly, the highest form of flattery can derive from being a bitch. Women have it tough because if you are too forward and assertive, you are “bossy” but if you are too nice, you are seen as weak. A perfect medium between the two is what men accept. HA, I am giggling just writing this because I know how true, yet messed up it is. If being stern and blunt makes a girl a bitch, then I am the biggest bitch of all.

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The use of words has changed entirely over the course of the last decade. Certain words or slang are being used more often and have gotten added to the dictionary. For example, the words binge-watch, cray, and YOLO have all been recently added to the Oxford Dictionaries. Some words have completely different meanings than they used to. For example, the words awful, naughty, and silly have all changed meaning over time. The word ‘bitch’ can still mean ‘an unpleasant person’ or ‘a female dog’ but it is also commonly used nowadays as a positive word to describe someone. For example, it can be used in a positive light when someone says, “You are a bad bitch!” and refers to one of his or her friends. Personally, I take it as a compliment whenever someone describes me as a bitch because I know they simply mean assertive, blunt or badass. Do us both a favor and start saying “thank you” anytime someone refers to you as a bitch.

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We need to stop surrounding the word bitch with negative connotation. If someone is negatively calling you a bitch, it is most likely because they feel inferior, intimidated or insecure compared to you. It is time to get on your high horse and own your bitch title. Even if that title is a basic bitch, own it! I am not naive to the fact it is easier said than done to own the bitch title, but you can do it! The word is evolving and your self confidence is going to evolve with it! If you really feel too mean using the word bitch, call someone a bad-ass-bitch or a boss-ass-bitch because those terms can come across as flattering if used in the correct context and who doesn’t love receiving a good compliment? ANYWAYS, the bottom line is stop using bitch in a negative manner because it is the time for empowerment. Let’s empower and build each other up with our words, not be demeaning and hurtful with our words. Bitch can be used in both a positive and negative manner. If used with the correct context and intention, people can flatter others when they used the term bitch. 

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Also, if we eliminate the negative ways we use words from our vocabulary, maybe, just MAYBE, boys will follow in our footsteps and stop using the word bitch in a negative manner as well. While we are at it, lets eliminate harsh words such as slut, whore, and the LOVELY “C” word.  We should take a stand to solely use words in the correct context that help build each other up instead of tear each other down. Sweet empowerment!!


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  1. I appreciate the spunk of this post! I will say — the work of changing the connotation of words — and especially the act of reclaiming language (which I believe your post gets at) is really complex and not quite so simple as, I’ve decided not to let that word hurt me. When derogatory language is used to make human beings feel lesser, to strip them of a feeling of safety, to dehumanize, it’s a big ask to just shut off the harm initiated by language and to embrace it instead. Something to chew on!


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