Who’s Voting? (Married) Women Are!

In a recent discussion in class, we talked about how voting patterns in women have often reflected what their husbands have voted for.  As a whole, married women tend to have more conservative beliefs and single women tend to lean more toward with Democrats.  

But is this ‘marriage gap’ still in effect?  Especially after the election of Trump??  Why the heck do women vote for the people their husbands do even if they are absolutely disgusting candidates? (You know who I’m referring to here.)

One of my close friends was in a relationship with a guy who was incredibly pushy about his political beliefs and she felt like she was never heard when she would attempt to explain the way that she saw the world.  She got out of that relationship, but a lot of women don’t.  A lot of women have that same battle, in a marriage.  And some do adopt the beliefs of their partner.

So what happens when women get that ring on their finger?  Do women get weak at the knees and forget everything that they once knew and fiercely believed?

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I think it goes deeper than that.  What about the way we were raised?  My closest friends from high school all claim the same political affiliations as their parents.  But it’s not impossible to break out of the shell of family patterns.  My parents both lean toward the conservative side.  They never forced that upon me, for which I am really grateful.  But right after I turned 18 and got to vote in the presidential election, I there was no way I could ever vote for a candidate like Trump.

An article by the Atlantic explores this.  And no, not everyone adopts the same views as their parents, although it might seem like a lot of people do.  Sometimes the parents that discuss politics the most with their children, are the ones with kids that end up opposing their beliefs.

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In a twisted sort of way, we can actually thank Trump for being the reason that many married women are starting to lean toward voting more Democratic.  According to an article by MPR news, women that vote Republican often cite the economy and consider themselves fiscally conservative.  The recent stark polarization of the political parties changed the minds of some women to vote Democratic for the first time.

Also, to all my single ladies, you should know that fewer than 50% of women are married.  Meaning one, you don’t need no man and have a strong girl gang behind you, and two, get voting!!

Most single women tend to vote Democratic, and the factors vary as to why.  What I found is that single women are younger, diverse, and less educated.


The factors of the marriage gap are tricky to pinpoint, and it’s probably different in every relationship.  But I do know that it’s time for women to STAND. THEIR. GROUND.  A healthy relationship involves having hard conversations about where you stand, yes even politically!  That doesn’t mean that one person has to give up what they think.  Two adults should be able to put their beliefs out on the table, and agree to disagree.

Know that you are worthy enough to be believed, supported, and if your partner can’t do that then the least they can do is respect you enough to not own your beliefs.  I really really hope we’re moving to society where that kind of behavior becomes the norm.

One thought on “Who’s Voting? (Married) Women Are!

  1. I think the relationship between marriage + politics + agency is a really fascinating one to consider. In my marriage, my hub doesn’t vote. Refuses to participate in the two-party system he believes is broken. I don’t disagree with him, but I take voting as a tremendous privilege and responsibility. Its hard to imagine though, our relationship being completely divergent in our “political” beliefs and still a success — because many of the things we label “politics” truly come down to human + civil rights… Anyway… A great inquiry, nice work!


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