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Welcome back, everyone!

  1. Go Dukes!!!! JMU women’s basketball crushed it this past weekend.

This past weekend JMU women’s basketball climbed their way to the top not once, but twice.The lady dukes won 65-48 against William & Mary on Friday. On Sunday, the women continued to crush it and they won 82-30 against Elon. The JMU women’s team has officially won 9 of their last 10 games! Go Dukes!

Unfortunately, the JMU men’s basketball team did not get so lucky this weekend when they lost against Northeastern on Saturday.

  1.       JMU student was arrested over the weekend

A senior male JMU student was arrested for assault and received eight charges this past weekend. The male was allegedly attacking people and destroying cars in the parking lot of the McDonalds located on Port Republic Road. It is currently unclear if the male was on drugs under the influence when the arrest took place.

  1. The government has REOPENED… temporarily.

Friday night, Trump signed a bill to reopen the government, but with a deadline. He is requiring a “fair deal” from Congress by February 15, 2019 before taking matters into his own hands.

Here are the options he’s given:

  1. By Feb. 15, Congress will have granted him the funds for a “wall” at the nation’s southwestern border.
  2. By Feb. 15, Congress will continue to deny his request and he will either 1) close the government again or 2) use his executive power to fund the wall.

What that really means is that one of three things will happen by that day and, in all cases, Trump will get his wall.

Trump has shifted his original request for a physical border to a more technologically-based concept. In his most recent verbal proposal, he believes that sensors and patrols will be effective in accomplishing his goals.

Still, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has emphasized that any compromise on border security will not come from concurrence to fund the wall.

This shutdown ending means that federal employees reported to work today. And though many furloughed workers will be compensated for their five-week employment crisis, those considered “contractors” will not.

Way to go, Mr. President…changing lives, for the absolute worse, one day at a time.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/25/us/politics/trump-shutdown-deal.html

  1.              Red for Ed March

Organized by Virginia Educators United, the Red for Ed march happened today!

As thousands of people marched to the Capitol, teachers, students, and concerned civilians demanded more funding for the one of the most important things in the world — education.

This has raised much-needed awareness to the education crisis in America and, specifically, in Virginia. Research statistics show that Virginia is below the national average for the, already low, teacher pay wages. This undermines the importance of the profession and makes it harder to recruit quality teachers who are underpaid for their labor.

Yes, Gov. Northam has recognized this issue and proposed a pay increase, but let’s be real… teachers will never be valued the way they should. The future of so many is in the palm of their hands and our system treats them as if they’re disposable.

Link: https://www.wavy.com/news/education/virginia-teachers-advocates-march-in-richmond-for-more-school-funding/1733388178

  1. Jail Doctor Allegations Dismissed

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed the charges against a doctor at Rockingham County Jail for inadequate care of an inmate. Nexus Services filed the the lawsuit in March of 2017 for malpractice concerning the administering of insulin to a diabetic patient.

Though this wasn’t the ideal outcome for the patient, family, or anyone affected by this issue, there is definitely something to be said about healthcare and incarceration in America. For lack of better, or more powerful, words, both systems are extremely fucked. And so are we if we don’t change them.

Link: http://www.dnronline.com/news/harrisonburg/jail-doc-cleared-lawsuit-alleged-inadequate-care/article_3141766c-19eb-57d1-ac53-afdfa8391968.html

  1. Louisiana man accused of killing five, including parents and significant other

On Saturday morning, a man-hunt began for a suspect accused of killing five people in Louisiana. Of the victims were his mother, his father, his alleged girlfriend, her father, and her brother.

Once the suspect’s identity was revealed by his father in a death testimonial, the suspect’s grandmother alerted authorities that her grandson would probably travel to her home next and she was correct. Police detained 21-year old, Dakota Theriot, at her home in Richmond County, Virginia yesterday.

The motive is still unknown.

Link: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/louisiana-man-accused-killing-five-including-his-parents-arrested-virginia-n963271

  1.                Bombs exploded in Cathedral in the Philippines

A bomb exploded in a roman catholic Cathedral in the Philippines over the weekend. The first explosion killed 15 innocent church-goers. Moments later, the Philippine army rushed in to help. Sadly, a second bomb went off and killed five army men. Killing a total of 20 people and injuring at least 111 people. Muslim militants were believed to be active prior to the bombings, therefor, the government of the Philippines sets blame on Muslim terrorists.

  1.                Crime in Zimbabwe

The government in Zimbabwe is so broke that the president has decided to raise fuel prices 150%. The people of Zimbabwe were so angry, they decided to take to the streets and riots began occurring. Police and the country’s military took the cities of Zimbabwe by storm and have been beating and imprisoning local residents. Over 650 residents have either been taken into custody or have been beaten. Now, the people of Zimbabwe live in fear and heartache.

  1.                At last! Some good in the world!

A couple from Ohio has adopted 9 special needs children. After a recent snow storm, the father of 9 decided to build a snow fort that all of his kids could play in. This included his child who is handicapped. The father made a snow fort that was wheelchair accessible so that all 9 of his children could play together.

  1. Boy gives shoes and socks to homeless child

A 9-year-old boy was roaming the streets of Malaysia holding his father’s hand. When the little boy saw another little homeless boy who was wearing no shoes, he immediately rushed over to him. The 9-year-old took his shoes and socks off and began putting them on the homeless boy. There is still good in the world!

That’s all… for now!

PC: fists in the air via Flickr.com

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