“You can’t be a feminist and still eat eggs”

According to a billboard advertisement for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), you can’t be a feminist and still eat eggs.  The organization’s billboard claims that eating both eggs and dairy contributes to the abuse of females, including those non-human females. The billboard looks like this:


And was posted in San Jose, California and was brought to light on PETA’s twitter page on November


I only mildly agree with PETA’s stance on the issue of consuming eggs and dairy.  While I do agree that the mass production of eggs and dairy is in fact harmful and detrimental to the animals involved, there is a chicken friendly way to eat eggs. Documentaries such as Food, Inc. have shed a light into what really goes into the mass production of eggs and dairy, showing cows standing ankle deep in their own excrement and baby chicks being de-beaked and raised in giant chicken houses or battery cages with little sunlight.

However, despite the strong imagery given to us consumers by Food, Inc. and PETA’s attempt at swaying us away from eggs, I’m here to tell you there is in fact a human way to eat eggs that isn’t “contributing to the abuse of females” as claimed by PETA.

And that is:

Having your own pet chickens!

Not only are pet chickens amazing to be around, they are extremely friendly and lay their eggs every day in a nest provided by you, dear reader.

Having you own pet tiny velociraptors is also environmentally friendly, as their manure can be used as a natural fertilizer for a home garden. They are also natural pest control, as they are truly omnivorous, eating pesky bugs and killing mice.

I’ve had my own chickens for years now, and I must say that it really gives you a sense of personal satisfaction to raise them from chick to chicken. Not only is it satisfying, it’s also very affordable and saves you money on eggs you would normally buy at the store.

Having your own flock is a great way to still be a feminist and eat eggs.

So, PETA, there’s your food for thought.

3 thoughts on ““You can’t be a feminist and still eat eggs”

  1. I totally agree! I think PETA’s stance on this is a little far fetched; feminists should be able to eat whatever they want! I understand where PETA is coming from, but I really liked your take on the issue.


  2. I agree entirely with what you are saying and mostly with what PEETA is saying. I think as feminists we should give respect and agency to all creatures that walk this Earth, not just humans. As a vegetarian, I often struggle with the ethics of eating animal products like eggs but I think there is a medium between factory farming and raising your own chickens. Farmers markets are a great alternative to supermarkets! You know that the animal products from a farmers market are ethically treated and there’s the added benefit of supporting your own community!


  3. I really, really, really disagree with what PETA is saying (and PETA as a whole, but that is another story). First, I see no correlation between being a feminist and eating eggs. Sure, there is a lot wrong with the agricultural industry (I understand this completely- I’m vegetarian), but you can’t say someone isn’t feminist because they eat eggs. Also, raising your own chickens is a great idea, but not anyone has the ability and privilege to do so. Lower class families living in cities cannot raise their own chickens, and they probably don’t have the money to go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and buy organic, locally cultivated eggs. I think we need to take a step back and recognize our privilege with this. Being vegan and vegetarian is kinda an expensive lifestyle that not everyone can participate in, so we shouldn’t say that someone isn’t a feminist solely because of factors they can’t (or simply don’t want to) control.


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