Let’s Strip!

And by strip I mean, strip ourselves of hateful thoughts and comments and practice self love!


As a little pick me up this cold winter weekend a British pop band called Little Mix, whom I love, decided to grace us all with an empowering album called LM5, featuring a very powerful cover for their song “Strip”. This song is the epitome of self love and not letting other people put you down or make you feel less worthy, less beautiful, less valued, etc. The picture they chose not only showcases issues anyone might face, it is also a testament to our rapid increase of social media and the media in general framing women a certain way, specifically women in pop culture.

And Little Mix clapped back like this


The best part is this album is filled with 18 girl power, fierce songs that touch on multiple issues we currently see in the world. For example, their song “Women’s World” was inspired by the #MeToo movement and addresses issues in the workplace like the gender pay gap and stereotypes that often follow women into fields of work. Some of the lyrics from the song are:

She’s overworked and underpaid
Just ’cause the way her body’s made

If you never been told how you gotta be
What you gotta wear, how you gotta speak
Only want the body and not the brains
Try living in a woman’s world

Their amazing ode to women does not stop there though!

Their song Joan of Arc is all about being a Feminist. As perfect as it is for this type of blog, so thank you for that Little Mix. And thank you for these lyrics.

I don’t need a man 
If I’m loving you it’s ’cause I can

Fan of myself, I’m stanning myself

First of all, let’s discuss the ideals we constantly press onto women. We need to step away from this idea that women need men. I am not sure where this came from (I do but we do not have enough time to go into that can of worms) but there is this idea that a woman being single is the worst thing that could ever happen. I have been single for 2 years now and 19 years before that and I think I turned out okay without having a man by my side, maybe even better.


While there are plenty more songs to talk about in this album these are a few of my favorites that really touch on things that I either deal with myself or I see are prevalent still in the media.

Whether the girls of Little Mix are discussing body positivity, inequality, or stereotypes women face every day they are using their platform to speak to women across the world and let them know they are not alone.

If you want a good tear jerker or a female power song, check out their album on Spotify or any of their other songs because they are just AMAZING.

Thanks for reading!!

Sincerely, Vagibond





8 thoughts on “Let’s Strip!

  1. WOW I LOVE THIS I am so sad I didn’t know about this when I wrote my post about feminist anthems because this would totally be in the running! This is so important to love yourself and who you are! Great post!


  2. Love this and I haven’t listened to them before but I’m definitely adding this to my spotify playlist! If people can support women bashers, abusers, etc. I can definitely show some support for some women love! Thank you for sharing this!


  3. Music has the ability to spread a message much faster than any other form of communication. Personally, I am a huge music person and got into playing music for this purpose. I play three instruments, guitar, ukulele, and piano and it has been the best decision of my life to learn to play instruments. It is so therapeutic and allows for a ton of creativity. I only know one person who does not listen to music and I am not quite sure what is wrong with her. (Only joking of course) Little Mix is brilliant to release a feminist album at this time because so many people from younger generations are starting to become their own and find their voice. When songs like these come out young girls are given the message that “you are independent and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything on your own.”


    1. Exactly. I think being super open about their own experiences and being so vulnerable tears down the assumption that celebrities are perfect and do not go through the same things we go through every day.


  4. I love everything that this album is promoting. Honestly I am surprised I have not heard of it before reading this article. I think that it has such a great message and should be more popular than it is. After reading this article I’m definitely going to listen to this album


  5. I hadn’t heard about this until reading your article and I LOVE it! The message that it carries in it has the ability to impact so many individuals and I think that is truly important. The ideals that we all carry can be really difficult to handle, especially in college, and I think this album could truly be an uplifting thing for us to enjoy.


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