What is black & white & red all over?


A newspaper!

Ba Dum Tss Drum GIF - BaDumTss Drum Joke GIFs

Jokes aside, the ovaries are here reporting for duty giving you a synopsis of news from this week.

First things first…

1. Brazil… Brazil… Congratulations on your new President? Maybe? Yeah, no honestly, I’m not sure if I should congratulate you or not. No offense, from what I have read, your new President Jair Bolsonaro sounds worse than President Trump. But, then again, I understand that Brazilians feel betrayed by their government and have lost touch with the functionality of democracy. Granted, you have not been a democracy for all that long since you were ruled by a military regime and the little time that you have been a democratic country, has been ridden with corruption. I get it, this was your middle finger towards the government and democracy since your newly elected President promises to “Make Brazil Great Again.”

Nevertheless, the racist, homophobic and misogynistic promises he has made are scary and my thoughts and prayers go towards all the already marginalized communities in Brazil. And to those marginalized who would be affected by those promises who voted for Bolsonaro, I hope you don’t regret it. But I guess we will see what he ends up doing…

Moving on…

2. Indonesia might be onto something you guys, as the 2nd biggest contributor to plastic waste per annual metric ton, they have devised a system.

This rise in promoting and advocating and working towards reducing waste in Indonesia follows those of other countries.

But is what Indonesia is proposing and implementing sustainable? What are your thoughts?

Now onto other matters…

3. Haiti, I’m sorry that you keep getting the flip side of the coin. From paying to even earn your independence from France to being ridden with corruption to being affected by multiple earthquakes and tsunamis to NOW trying figuring out where nearly $4 billion dollars in foreign aid have gone. Naturally, Haitians are pissed.

But this brings to light a bigger issue, that of how international aid, is not always substantial nor helpful to the local economy.

I think the video above really truly gets at the core of how foreign aid does not solve everything if anything at all. So before you send your money to one of those foundations that your friends and/or family post on Facebook, research research research and ask yourself, is my money I’m giving truly helping? Or is it just making you feel better? Where is that money actually going? Are there local grass-roots run by the individuals at risk themselves or run by politicians or foreigners?

Also, side note, France pay Haiti back those $21 billion dollars you extorted from them.

4. So, because Halloween is tomorrow, let’s talk know-about the upcoming remake of “La Llorona”?

Hollywood back at it again with whitewashing foreign movies. But the thing is, Michael Chaves, the director of the film, is Latinx and he did not even film the movie in Mexico but instead stayed in the comfort of LA. I mean sure, maybe he wanted to create an identification marker for white people but honestly, the folklore was not meant of white people, it was meant for Latinx folk. Latinx history has already been silenced through Anglocentric lenses and Eurocentric storytelling, why continue that? Beats me.

5. And finally, Silenced Murders.

The video says it all.

Untold history, yet important history.

The question is, why don’t we know about this?

Well, that is all that the ovaries have for you.

The ovaries have spoken.

One thought on “What is black & white & red all over?

  1. first, love the gif and the joke. Second, thank you for providing us with some insightful and intersectional national news!

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