Educating Our Girls: Obama Style

Thank God it’s Friday with @ferociousfem!! Hope y’alls week has been better than mine! I feel like professors should have a deal with each other that they don’t assign major exams within the same day in the same school, down the same hall, like come on. Anyway.

In addition to the amazing @socialjusticesolidarity‘s piece on NCOD (if you don’t know what that means go check it out)! Yesterday was also International Girl’s Day and I had no idea until MY pres– excuse me, former president Barack Obama shared a tweet about the Global Girls Alliance, an organization centered on educating our girls founded by the Obama Organization (Tweet Featured Below).

The mission of the Global Girls Alliance is to empower adolescent girls around the world through education. Michelle Obama has worked with individuals all over the globe to ensure that young girls would be able to have the amount of education that they quite frankly, deserve.

I decided to write this because I honestly had no idea what was going on in the world aside from my bubble of studying for exams this upcoming week so it was refreshing to see some smiling faces on my twitter feed this afternoon. Also, WOW, those girls can sing!

The issue behind this foundation is astounding, nearly 98 million girls around the world are not in school and that’s just the reality of not having the privilege or access to be able to attend school on a daily or weekly basis, that is not the only reason though. Often times the attitudes towards girls is negative and it is assumed they do not need an education and must start full time jobs and start families as soon as menstruation occurs. In addition, some schools do not even have the proper facilities that are adequately equipped for young girls and their menstrual cycles and they are forced to miss out of class until the end. What?

Yes! You all read correctly, every year 12 million girls are married before the age of 18, that’s basically 23 girls every minute. In 2018, some girls still aren’t seen as valuable and I highkey stan the Global Girls Alliance. The alliance is teaming up with other organizations such as United States of America Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., Girl Up, and She’s the First in order to start educating our girls and changing the climate around young girls and education. I think sometimes it is so hard for us as a nation to remember that there are other countries that have not progressed as far as we may think we have and it’s just as important to have the conversation started no matter the age so that change can come.

If you’re still interested in this foundation, which you should be, all of my facts have come from their website, and they have tons of information about what they do and what they are continuing to do for girls all over! Until next time, @ferociousfem out.

(Congrats to Kehlani on her pregnancy!!!)


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Educating Our Girls: Obama Style

  1. I read the title of your blog post and couldn’t help but let out an “I miss Obama” sigh. But before I get into the post, I hope your exams went well! Now, let’s get started. I remember scrolling through my Twitter feed and watching this video of the Global Girls Alliance! It is insane that nearly 98 million girls around the world are not in school due to negative sentiments towards the idea of educating women as well as geopolitics which disallows them to attend any educational institution. I better check my privilege, that’s for sure. Also, MISS CLASS BECAUSE OF A PERIOD . sorry that was a pun but on a serious note that is extremely unfair since biologically female, uterus and all did not ask for any of those organs or muscle or tissue! Thank you for introducing us to the Global Girls Alliance and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for girls around the world.

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    1. I know I miss the entire family way, way too much. Thank you I hope they went well too! I just finished 2/3 today. I want to melt into my bed now, & I always knew women were viewed differently in other countries but to actually have numbers pointed out to me and see an entire organization solely focusing on continuing the education of women is really eye-opening, I’m Very excited and hope that they bring amazing things to women everywhere!


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