Diary of an Inferior Man

Hello Everybody! This week I have decided to share a story from my own experience that occurred recently. To protect my own privacy as well as the privacy of the other person I will alter the story slightly and change the other person’s name. For this story, he will be known as Brad.

Disclaimer: I am purely speaking on my own experience as a white cisgender woman. Acknowledging this, I wanted to share something that has stuck with me since it has occurred.

This story begins at Student Org night. I am a student leader on campus, the president of my organization and Brad holds a leadership position for his own. Being tight on space, I had the privilege of sharing a table with Brad.

A bit of background information about me is that I have so much passion for my organization and that passion, love, and hard work helped me get to where I am today. I take pride in that as well as being confident in what I do. Unfortunately, that night I was made to feel embarrassed, not confident at all, and was ultimately silenced by Brad.

Every time I said something about my own organization, Brad decided to also say something, even louder than I was, that completely undermined what I was saying to the point of belittling my organization. I tried to ignore his brash comments by yet again trying to excite students by telling them we had some giveaways for them to take, to which he responds with “I can’t compete with that”. What I do not understand is why had this event, that was merely about getting people excited about our organizations and was meant to be informative and fun, become a competition?


He continued to insinuate that my organization would not be as good as it was without his own. He belittled my organization to the point where I was uncomfortable and frankly embarrassed to talk about it at all because my credibility was faltered by his incessant heckling.  I was tired of being made to feel that way when I was talking about things that made me happy and that I loved, but instead of standing up for myself, which I regret now not doing, I merely gave up. I dealt with this for about 30 minutes until a girl took Brad’s place, funny how she never said anything against me.

I was not able to do what I set out to do that night, talk about the organization that I love.  In order to feel more confident about his own organization and his ability to encourage students to talk to him, he had to put me down in the process. How sad is that? Hope you enjoyed your small testosterone boost.

So, thank you Brad for letting me know how insecure you are with your own abilities because the only explanation of your ridiculous behavior is how inferior you must have felt standing next to a powerful FEMALE leader on campus.

Fuck You, Brad





6 thoughts on “Diary of an Inferior Man

    1. Thank you! It was the literal opposite of an environment where there would need to be a competition, which made it even more frustrating!

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  1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, it’s the worst that some men can’t stand to be around powerful women, but I’m so glad you shared your story and recognized that Brad can go fuck himself, continue staying strong and can’t wait to read more from you!

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    1. I was frustrated as well! I definitely regret not saying anything to him in the moment, but luckily he was not there for too long.


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