No and other words of female empowerment

“No and other words of female empowerment” is a book of poems by Sheryl Steinem that influenced my Atavist presentation of the same name. This collection of poems came into my life at the perfect time and inspired me to look into the work of other poets.

With graduation being right around the corner, I am thankful to have read such a meaningful collection of feminist poems. I feel as though I am going forth into the world with a better understanding of myself and my ability to create meaningful work.

In my presentation that can be found here, I highlight some of the pieces in this book that really made me think about my existence in society. I also compare some of the works to other influential poets like Rupi Kaur, Audre Lorde, and Gloria Steinem. I included a link to Halsey’s slam poem that she read at the Women’s March in January. These women have inspired me throughout my college experience and life more than I could ever give them credit for.

My favorite piece (and the piece that inspired me to dive into the book as deeply as I did) is as follows:

We are so lucky
To live in a time
Where the contributions
Of those who came before us
Toward a better future
Have made our daily lives
Infinitely better
Than if we were stood
In the same footprints
They occupied long ago.

It is our turn
To recognize
That the fight is not over
And the fate
Of the next generations
Hangs on what we do in our lifetimes.

This poem captures the essence of the book itself. The fate of future generations lies in our hands. As feminists, we have a responsibility to work not only for ourselves, but for those who follow in our footsteps. The fight continues on, and we are on the front lines. Let’s get ’em!

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