Misogyny in the Alt-Right? How White Women are Refusing Sexism While Promoting Racism

Hi friends! Sadly this is my last post for the semester but I wanted to end on an interesting note by talking about the shuffling going on in the Alt-Right movement (read Nazi movement). Prominent Nazi women are speaking out against sexist language and actions of their fellow white nationalists. Yes, you read that correctly, white supremacists are complaining about not being treated as equals.

This phenomenon was brought to my attention when white nationalist Tara McCarthy posted a twitter thread highlighting the issue. She claimed that she kept getting “trolled” by the very people she was supposed to standing alongside in the fight against nonwhites. The biggest argument against her from all sides is the fact that she is unmarried and has yet to produce “pure white children.” I say all sides because while extreme leftists cheer and hope someone like her doesn’t procreate, her fellow Nazi’s are waiting for her to give in the desired standard of being barefoot and pregnant with a hoard of future white supremacists.

One would almost consider sympathy if it weren’t for media outlets mentioning that her YouTube content includes anti-Semitic rhetoric and that she calls interracial relationships “borderline bestiality”. A bit ironic for someone of her views to not understand why it’s wrong to look down upon others based off of something you can’t really control, like, oh I don’t know, NOT BEING BORN WHITE.

Another highlighted point of irony is her podcast on YouTube Virtue of the West (beware link goes directly to her videos and if that’s something you don’t want to be put through then don’t click) the description of each video contains the intention of the podcast; “Themes include the glorification of the nuclear family, motherhood, masculinity, femininity, etiquette, traditional gender roles and love of one’s own culture, race and country.”

Surprise! Traditional gender roles involve women being treated as second class citizens while remaining subordinate to men and whatever they want to say and do to you. (It also excludes queer people and a whole slew of intersectional issues but I’m trying to maintain my focus on decoding the hot mess of this situation.) You will never be equal in a system that is traditionally built against you, as minorities understand all too well.

Well Tara, all I have to say about your complaint is; when you lie with trash, it tends to stink.

Alright friends, that’s all for now. Hopefully I will be able to pick up with this again soon. Until then, stay furious!


One thought on “Misogyny in the Alt-Right? How White Women are Refusing Sexism While Promoting Racism

  1. “When you lie with trash, it tends to speak.” haha – YES. I love this example of wonderful intersectionality. It blows my mind that people feel alright with promoting just a fraction of human rights. You would think that people would recognize that human rights are human rights, and people that discriminate one most likely will discriminate for others. Love this post and topic! Great job.


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