Listen Up! Here’s Your NewsRoom Recap

Yemen Crisis:

This is one of the worst crises in history. There is no food or water, they are suffering from the largest Cholera outbreak in the world, and AQAP/ ISIS are taking land, resources, and soldiers. This crisis effects everyone, but especially the most vulnerable, like women, children, and the elderly.

Police and Rape:

This is just one recent case of this heinous crime. There was an 18 year old woman in New York who was arrested. After she was arrested, two officers took turns raping her in a nearby park and are now facing charges. Believe it or not, this happens more often than we know. It’s a pressing issue that needs more attention and much stricter punishment for the perps. This crime combines violation of body, sexual abuse, abuse of power, entitlement, sexism… should I continue? How many more crimes do I need to list before some serious change begins?

Sia’s Nude Picture:

Some freak took nude pictures of Sia and tried selling the pictures to her fans in hopes of making money off her body without her consent. However, Sia responded to this violation of privacy by posting her OWN nudes on Twitter. Major shoutout to Sia for taking the power away from that creep and owning her life. It’s unfortunate that she had to go to those extremes, but it was a beautiful, powerful, and empowering response to such an extreme and crude violation of privacy.

Female Composers in Musical World:

In the musical world, the patriarchy still has extreme control over women. I won’t pretend to understand what women face in the music world because I’m not a part of it, but during class, we discussed how this particular world is ages behind with implementing the feminist movement.

Girls Washed Up On Shore:

Last but not least, 26 Nigerian girls washed up on shore from the Mediterranean Sea. That’s right. You read that correctly. You’re probably just as shocked as I was when I first heard about this. What kind of world do we live in?! This shit is still happening. Meanwhile, college students are attending air conditioned classes and drinking copious amounts of alcohol on the weekends. Our biggest worries are the next exam, financial stresses, and relationship issues. Now yes, it’s a depressing topic to read about, but it’s our job as human beings to educate ourselves on what’s going on with other human beings. More so, it’s our job are kind, loving human beings to stop this from occurring and providing help in any way we can. The first step: AWARENESS.

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