#IBelieveFrederica, Do you ?

On Today’s episode of “What Woman Did President Trump Insult Today?” I would like to usher in the newest addition, Congresswoman of Florida’s 24th District, Ms. Frederica Wilson. This cowboy hat wearing representative serves the  Miami-Dade county and southern Broward Counties, one of the most culturally diverse districts in the nation. And she is most known for her far-from-shy attire and attitude. Ms. Wilson has no problem speaking out. As you may know, unfortunately, neither does our President.

In the midst of the murky Niger mission that left four special force soldiers killed, somehow Ms. Wilson has become a new target for the Trump Administration. Some have argued that the feud is a distraction from what really happened in Niger, there is also some speculation about what really happened on a phone call between the President and Myeshia Johnson, widow of Staff Sgt. Johnson. On Wednesday, Trump announced that he would do something that most Presidents “often don’t do“, calling grieving military families. Soon thereafter, The White House alerted media that President Trump will be calling Johnson’s widow soon.

As Myeshia Johnson traveled in the limo to the funeral home where she would claim the body of her husband, Ms. Frederica Wilson, a friend of the family, joined her.  According to Wilson, an Army representative held the phone and put it on speaker so that the distraught Mrs. Johnson could talk with the President. This is where things get hazy. Ms. Wilson spoke out later saying that during the phone call, President Trump never used Sgt. Johnson’s name, calling him “my guy”. He then allegedly went on to say, “he knew what he signed up for… but I guess when it happens, it hurts anyway.”

“he knew what he signed up for…. but I guess when it happens, it hurts anyway”

This time, he did more than just disrespect yet another Gold Star family. He compounded his usual cruelty by denying what he said to Staff Sgt. Johnson’s widow, insisting that he knows that he didn’t say it. 

“Cowanda Jones-Johnson, a family member who raised Johnson, told CNN Wednesday that Wilson’s account of the call between Trump and Johnson’s widow, Myeshia, was “very accurate.” She said she was in the car when the call happened.” –CNN 

Trump took to twitter to lash out at some “Democrat Congresswoman”, with such large hats- I almost wonder how President Trump can forget Congresswoman Wilson’s name.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 4.21.33 PM.png
via Twitter @realDonaldTrump

Though The White House has yet to present such evidence but has constantly denied the conversation calling Congresswoman Wilson, a liar. Since, a twitter trend has begun #IBelieveFrederica, What do you think? Do you #BelieveFrederica?



featured photo courtesy of : Flickr.com

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