How to Love a Giantess

The first time I learned about love was through watching Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” I was four years old when I witnessed Alice eat that cookie, grow a hundred feet and then stick her gigantic foot right in the doorknob’s face. My excitement at watching Alice get big prompted me to watch the film so much that I burnt up at least 4 VCR copies of it.

This experience, along with my adoration of the poster of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” led me to realize that I had macrophilia, or the sexual attraction to giants. Psychology Today describes that the key emphasis of the fetish is “height”, as some fantasize about being around people who are 7 to even 500 feet tall. Marcophiliacs enjoy the concept of being eaten, crushed or sexually subdued by a massive being. Vice indicates that such people tend to sexualize their personal pain, trauma and frustrations in order to feel more in control of them. The fetish is also one where the binary of heterosexuality and homosexuality is often blurred, as typically macrophilic heterosexuals can be attracted to giants of the same sex and homosexuals the different sex. Despite its unconventional nature, “marcophilia” is one of the fastest growing fetishes on the internet, with PornHub reporting that searches for “giantess” have grown (no pun intended) 1,091 percent more from the year before.

Now I enjoy getting my faced stepped on any day of week but for some the concept of being a giant, as opposed to being dominated by one, can be empowering. After a string of bad relationships, writer Alison Segel decided to explore different sexual fetishes in order to reinvigorate her sense of personal prowess. She experimented with macrophilia via posting a few videos of her crushing plastic soldiers with her feet that ended up getting a thousand views on Instagram. She noted how the comments of her “giantess” video contrasted with those of her other work, for instead of being called an “ugly bitch” or a “horrible mother”, people were praising and asking to worship her. Segel said that as a giantess, she could be “big, unabashed, and unapologetic”, getting into an almost zen state of mind while crushing tiny soldiers with her feet and being “worshipped” for it.

I’m not suggesting that everybody take up a web cam and start pretending that they’re DC Comics’ Giganta. Yet the fact that exploring a certain sexual fetish can give someone a sense of fulfillment is indicative of the spiritual and emotional qualities that exploring one’s sexuality can entail. As mentioned before, “macrophilia” can serve as a means for someone to deal with their psychological distress.  By sexualizing elements such as “fear” and “domination” we may be able to better confront those issues in real life. Yet fetishes such as “macrophilia” should never replace sexual relationships but rather could serve to help us better explore and cultivate them in healthier ways. Human intimacy can be difficult by itself, so maybe a little Wonderland-esque kink can be a suitable bit of medicine.

(featured image source Wikimedia Commons- Reynold Brown)



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