As we close out this semester, I would like to personally say goodbye to ShoutOut! It has been an amazing experience being Editor of ShoutOut! since last fall. I would like to thank all the amazing bloggers for dedicating their time and energy into the blog. The bloggers have done an amazing job at producing timely content while we have been going through these rough times.

This semester has been a hard one for us all. With the election, we all had to grieve, develop a sense of understanding and hope for the future. I hope for a future where we can all be free. As I leave ShoutOut, I cannot help but to think this is not a coincidence. ShoutOut has given me the wisdom, courage and knowledge to be a better feminist. As one of ShoutOut!’s co-advisor often says the words of Adrienne Rich, claim your education. ShoutOut! gave me just that opportunity. While I have been dealing with racism, microaggressions, sexism and homophobia, ShoutOut! gave me a platform to stand on. As a result of being able to voice my experiences, I began to see JMU a lot differently.

Also, I have made so many feminist bonds with fellow students and faculty. Women’s and Gender Studies faculty are hands down the BEST professors to grow with. Over my time in ShoutOut!, the bloggers have been my political support system. I have so many memories with you all like meeting Janet Mock, going to NYFLC conferences, supporting our V-Day performance last Spring and donating to New Directions. Most of all, I love the laughter that I have shared with the bloggers.

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The faculty continues to amaze me today. They instill critical thinking skills and supply feminist mentorship. Without the guidance of many WGS faculty, I would not be the feminist that I am today. But specifically, I would not be the feminist I am today without Dr. Alison Bodkin. She is the prime example of what feminist mentorship, support and friendship should and can be. She cares about ShoutOut! passionately. I hope to one day be able to influence young feminists like she has done.

I am sad to leave ShoutOut! but I will always carry the lessons of ShoutOut! with me. I have learn leadership skills, blogging skills, feminist teachings and theories and facilitation skills. But most of all, I have learned life lessons that I can take with me and spread to others.

This has been an amazing semester! We were able to exist in this political moment and contribute productive and thought provoking content. I am so accustomed to saying “See you next semester!” As much as this is bittersweet, I would like to say this is the best move for myself and ShoutOut! I know the new editor will honor the amazing legacy of ShoutOut!

Thank you to all the readers who have been reading my posts over the semesters. Knowing that you all were on the other side of the screen was comforting.

For the last time, this is Eternallyfeminist signing out!

Goodbye, ShoutOut!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye!

  1. I’m so grateful for your activism and voice. Thank you for being, for existing, for writing, for fighting…your voice will be missed for sure, but I know you’ll do amazing things in other ways, touching the lives of others as you go (and I know others at on ShoutOutJMU will continue this labor of love that you’ve encouraged the past several years)!


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