All I want for Christmas: A Feminist-Friendly Wish List

One of the joys of being home for Thanksgiving break is seeing all of my friends and family as we catch up over the span of a week. As the holiday season kicks off, almost everyone I spent time with these past few days asked me (sometimes more than once- I’m looking at you grandma): “What would you like for Christmas?” Aside from free tuition and an end to all things patriarchy, I was pretty stumped! Luckily, with the power of Google Internet searches behind me and a few helpful ideas from my pals, I’ve come up with this year’s feminist friendly holiday wish list:

  1. Magazine Subscriptions: Personally, magazine subscriptions remind me of a time in which I waited by the mail box for issues of the newest teen “zine” to tell me how to talk to cute boys or where to shop instead of encouraging me to embrace my true self. However, this is not what I’m asking for this year. Instead I encourage you to swap out your age-old subscriptions to “Seventeen Magazine” for lady empowerment magazines like Bust, Ms., or Bitch. These reads are sure to boost your feminist ego while providing insight into the world around you. As feminists, it’s important to keep our ears to the ground on relevant, worldly issues and these magazines will help us to do just that.
  2. What’s In Your Box?: An important part of being a feminist is recognizing the need for and execution of self-care. Whether you’ve fine-tuned your self-care ritual or not, Her Campus and the What’s In Your Box campaign are ready to help you be and feel the best you can- every month! Check out the official Her Campus website for a list of the coolest monthly self-care package subscriptions you could imagine (my favorite? The PMS Package) Also check out the What’s In Your Box campaign for a starter kit on women’s sexual health liberation. This campaign seeks to normalize conversations about female sexuality, eliminate shame, and empower women to achieve the sex lives they desire! Each monthly care package comes with assorted products, toys, and information for a “safe and satisfying sex life”.
  3. Feminist Literature: Don’t get stuck with DVD copies of the latest box office hits this holiday season- instead ask for books that you’ll want to read and reread for the duration of your feminist career! As a college student, sometimes the last thing I want to do is read a book for fun, but I can honestly say that feminist books like Roxanne Gay’s “Bad Feminist” or Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” have helped me become a better feminist, while also satisfying my self-care duties. Check out this list of 33 feminist books that are sure to stir up the passionate feminist inside you this holiday season.

While this is the end to my feminist friendly holiday wish list, it certainly shouldn’t be the end of yours! If you, or a gift giver you know, have more feminist-friendly gift ideas, please share in the comments below.

Happy Holidays, friends.

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