What’s New in the Newsroom

Hey everyone! HeroineAddict and Littlefembot here, wishing you all a happy Halloween! We hope you all had a wonderful Homecoming weekend. Here’s what we discussed in this week’s newsroom:


Nationwide, people are showing their support and solidarity with those at Standing Rock protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline by checking in on Facebook. Celebrity Chris Hemsworth has also advocated for the cause, and recently took to Instagram to apologize for the cultural appropriation involved in the Native American costume he wore last year.

“Monstrous Possibilities: Feminist Potentialities of Contemporary Horror”

Last Monday, Dr. Bernadette Marie Calafell from University of Denver visited JMU to discuss Horror and Feminism. BreakingLinea unpacked and shared her thoughts on the lecture here.

Feminism in Fashion

A new trend is sweeping modeling/fashion as non-conventional models models stand up for feminism. In other words, being unique is trendy af. Read more about it here.

FBI investigates emails…. again.

This past Friday, FBI Director James Comey announces investigation into Clinton’s advisor, Huma Abedin, based on emails that were discovered while the FBI was investigating Anthony Weiner’s emails.

That’s all for this week’s update, folks! Check back next week for more news from our other fab, feminist bloggers!




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