The Legend of the Newsroom



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Here at ShoutOut JMU we discussed a bevy of topics on the night of October the 24th the 2016. Take a look!


-Hillary Clinton’s schooling of Donald Trump in terms of abortion and Planned Parenthood rhetoric was poetry for those tired of hearing a man explain how such freedoms are corrupting humanity without ever having to go through such endeavors himself.

-Jessica Drake has been added to the increasing list of women alleging that they were sexually abused by Donald Trump. While her job is that of an adult film actress, that should in no one way diminish the seriousness of allegations, considering the stigma individuals in the adult entertainment industry face.

-In a campaign speech, Trump stated that he will pursue legal recourse against the women who have accused him of sexual abuse in what was supposed to be a speech about his first 100 days in office. It is important to note that Trump utilized Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assault accusers as political tools, showcasing that he only sympathizes with victims of sexual assault should he stand to gain something from them.

-North Carolina falls victim to Republican State Legislators’ attempts to block the black vote via their shortening of early voting times and decreasing voting centers close to predominately black and impoverished neighborhoods. A true attempt to rig the election if there ever is one.

Pop culture: 

Taking a look at the current absence of women in Rockstar Games’ “Red Dead Redemption 2” and how it is indicative of the cloistered male dominated video game industry that produces stale games extolling hyper-masculine killing machines and refusing to separate women characters from their sexuality.

-We explored “Jessica Jones'” showrunner Melissa Rosenberg’s decision to use an all-woman directing staff  for the show, the reason being that Rosenberg states that she wishes to explore greater perspectives in her Marvel opus. Important to note that “Jessica Jones” is not the only show to adopt this practice as Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar” is utilizing the same mantra of an all-woman directing staff.

-We took a look at an interview with Laverne Cox’s process of making it in the entertainment industry, particularly in landing a lead in the show “Doubt” as the first transgender lead in a major broadcast television series.

-Issa Rae’s new HBO series “Insecure” was showcased, a show exploring relationships, ambition, and internal/social struggle in gaining grounding in everyday life through the perspective of two black women, something that is a rarity in traditional mass media.


-A bit of scary news on the side of the legitimate capabilities of Russia to hack into American voting systems, raising the question of whether we ought to change the means through which voting is carried out in the United States.

-South Africa leaves the International Criminal Court which, while it may superficially appear shocking, is surprisingly common for most developed nations. For example, the issue was brought up on the fact that the United States is not part of the ICC as they could be tried for George W. Bush’s war crimes during the tenure in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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