The 5:30 NEWS ROOM

Today on the 5:30 News we talked about the following:


  • Black America: Will race determine the elections this year? Not as many Black supporters to turn out to polls for 2016 election. Could this be due to Trumps outright messages of hate, and therefore lack of support of groups of color? Probably! Thanks a lot white supremacy.
  • New news? Old news? Want to read the full transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s Q-and-A session with Goldman Sachs? Click here to see what WikiLeaks has reportedly, well, leaked.
  • You may be glad to know that Trump’s numbers are dropping. Trump on the other hand is having a hard time accepting that the election may not end in his favor.
  • Some people have the unearned privilege to be blind to their own racism. But that’s the problem…and it creates more problems.


  • Touching stories of some 21 Chibok girls released, and reunited with their families,  after nearly 2 years of captivity by Boko Haram. How did this come about after such a long period of time?
  • Right-wing extremism and the rise in hate crimes in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Virginity testing for a scholarship. Ladies, would you consult to virginity tests if they helped pay for your tuition through the form of a scholarship from your government?


  • “The Rock” Arrested. Was the whole SWAT team necessary, or is it just because he’s black?
  • For those of you who have dreamed (or maybe not) of seeing the penthouse of Trump Towers, now you can. Front row seat to Trump’s “humble” Abode.(Be sure to take the elevator to floor 66)
  • Ashton Kutcher. The fight to end human trafficking and child pornography.


  • Miracle Messages. Something beautiful! An organization that helps the “houseless” people on the streets of San Francisco reconnect with family members through the connected world of social media. Here, just visit their homepage and see for yourself!
  • Lives Bound Together: Preserving the history of slaves at Mount Vernon. Opened October 1st of this year.
  • ‘White Culture’: Maryland student dresses up as a thief for Culture Day–“because white people steal everyone else’s culture.” Ouch!
  • So Over Feminists: Is feminism being shoved down our throats (ladies)? (University of South Florida)

That’s it for the 5:30 News Room today! Tune back in next week, same time, to see what we’ll be talking about then.

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