The Friend Zone Myth

In May of 2014, a 22-year-old man decided to kill 6 people in Isla Vista, California and cited women’s lack of interest in him as a big part of the blame. And enough people found reason to pity him for being in the “friend zone,” that it started a pretty important conversation. When it takes […]

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News Room Notes

Here’s what we talked about today in news room: TW: Rape, sexual abuse News: 29 were injured in a New York City Blast Saturday night. While this is not directly a feminist issue, any important issue or event can be seen and analyzed through a feminist lense. Bus driver, Renita Smith saved 20 children from burning […]

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Tampons Are Not A Luxury, Period.

For anyone who thinks that menstruation is fun, you’re absolutely right! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love bleeding out of their genitalia for a week, feeling as bloated as a balloon and mood swings as extreme as anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Plus, if you live in California you get the joy […]

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