News Room Notes

Here’s what we talked about today in news room: TW: Rape, sexual abuse News: 29 were injured in a New York City Blast Saturday night. While this is not directly a feminist issue, any important issue or event can be seen and analyzed through a feminist lense. Bus driver, Renita Smith saved 20 children from burning […]

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Tampons Are Not A Luxury, Period.

For anyone who thinks that menstruation is fun, you’re absolutely right! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love bleeding out of their genitalia for a week, feeling as bloated as a balloon and mood swings as extreme as anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Plus, if you live in California you get the joy […]

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Love: Conscious Falling

Lately, I have been questioning love. Is love something you fall into? Is love like the pieces of toilet paper that inevitably get caught on your shoe, follows you around until you notice after several hours its there? Or — Is love like looking at the weather report with 90% chance of rain and knowingly […]

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Why Romance needs Feminism

(copyright-estate of Norman Rockwell-featured image source James Vaughan) Some believe that the 1950s were the best times in America and that we have only gotten worse from there. One of those people is columnist Dave Hon, who in his article “Why I’ll never date a Feminist” states that feminism and any other form of gender […]

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A Recap of the Dominion Lecture

I hope you had a chance to attend tonight’s Dominion Lecture. If you couldn’t be there, I hope you at least read along as I live-tweeted the event from the ShoutOut! JMU Twitter. If not–here’s what you missed: Dr. Sue Rankin gave an hour-long presentation on campus climate and the LGBT community titled, “The State […]

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Transface: The issue with non-binary identities played by cisgender actors

  Imagine being a young adult or child, idolizing non-binary characters in television and film then finding out some of your role models are actually cisgender actors. They’re frauds who could play your identity, your lived experience, better than someone who actually identifies as transgender/non-binary. It’s like a kick in the ribs, the sharp stinging reality that […]

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