Live From the News Room: It’s Monday Night!

This week’s Newsroom topics covered:

Entertainment/Pop Culture

  • Girl’s Life  Magazine faced some harsh criticisms after their cover was placed side by side with Boy’s Life Magazine. The magazine targeted towards young girls featured a cover that touched on how to wake up pretty, get your dream hair and fall fashion while the boys’ magazine featured topics such as STEM and working towards future goals. It’s just the latest in media that perpetuates gender stereotypes.
  • Longtime NFL coach, Mike Ditka, blasted Colin Kaepernick for his decision to kneel during the national anthem. Ditka said he had no respect for the 49er’s quarterback and claimed that anyone who doesn’t like America or its traditions can “get the hell out.” Though the characters in this story are not women, it’s notable because Kaepernick’s decision to kneel has been closely linked to discussions about racial injustice.
  • USAToday released a list of celebrity superlatives that congratulated female picks on best bling and best attire. Meanwhile, male participants were congratulated on best political point and best actor in an action-drama among other things. But vanity is a virtue, right?
  • The Daily Mail released an article that discussed The Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to kneel before her son in an act of parenting that saw her husband, William, scolded by the queen months earlier. Quite frankly, Kate’s parenting style is none of our business and therefore should not be under scrutiny.


  • The Charlotte Police Department involved in the shooting death  of Keith Lamont Scott have released portions of the dashboard and body camera footage from the incident. Scott’s death is just the latest in a tragic string of deaths of black men at the hands of police officers.
  • On Saturday, the first National Black History Museum was opened by the daughter of a former Mississippi slave. 99-year-old Ruth Bonner was accompanied by the Obamas as she rang the bell to signal the museum’s official opening. The museum is an important reminder that history belongs to everyone— not just the white man of European descent.


  • The Clinton Campaign released a new ad targeted at portraying the harmful implications of a Trump presidency on young women and girls. The ad is particularly powerful as it presents images of adolescent girls looking in mirrors, taking photos, etc. voiced-over by the rhetoric Trump has often used to discuss women in the public sphere. It’s a strong reminder that Trump is not— and never will be— for women.
  • Just a reminder that the first presidential debate will be tonight at 9PM. All major news outlets will be broadcasting it live so there’s no excuse not to watch!
  • Elizabeth Warren continued to be her savage self earlier this weekend when she advised Hillary Clinton to keep it classy and avoid allowing Donald Trump to drag her into the mud-pit. Warren noted that Clinton should remain focused on presenting herself as opposed to attacking Trump’s character. Warren’s advice is well-heeded for all women who stand in the face of male tyranny and oppression. Plus, Warren’s proven that nobody’s got her beat when it comes to dragging the Donald.

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