From the Newsroom

We hope you enjoyed our first week back blogging as much as we did! A crazy amount of stuff went on this past week. Here’s what we talked about tonight in the Newsroom:

Hillary Clinton appeared on Humans of New York

The blog shared two consecutive posts. In one, she recalled when she was a college senior taking the LSAT and, for doing so, harassed by a group of men in the room. The other was on how she’s learned to present herself in this political sphere where there aren’t a lot of female role models.

Clinton also got pneumonia

And the media is going to town with it. Meanwhile, the rest of us are confused as to why it’s a problem. It doesn’t speak to her character, and it doesn’t make her weak. People get sick, it happens.

Burkini Ban

Everyone has been talking about the photos of a woman wearing a burkini on a beach in Nice, France. The images show her being approached by police and made to partially undress. This is far more than just a little upsetting- it’s something I couldn’t even fully wrap my head around. I’ve grown up in a country that (at least, more so than France) emphasizes religious tolerance and separation of church and state. Secularism in France carries a whole different meaning there than it does in the Unites States. Read more about that here.

Ryan Lochte is going to be on…. Dancing with the Stars?

So we’ve all heard about the mess Lochte caused in Brazil at the 2016 Olympics- he fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint when REALLY he and his buddies had been drunk and caused a scene at a gas station in Rio. His plans (if any) on returning to Brazil to clean up his mess are unclear. But for now, catch him on Monday nights on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars *eye roll*


That’s all we’ve got for now, keep an eye out for this week’s posts!

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