Weekly News Roundup

Welcome back readers! This week here at ShoutOut marks the beginning of our scheduled posts and we couldn’t be any happier to be back in the feminist grind. So buckle up, grab your designated patriarchy-smashing hammers and get ready for some thought-provoking feminist discourse!

In the spirit of beginning a new semester, let us first start by taking a giant (metaphorical) step into the ShoutOut Newsroom. Yeah, that’s right, it’s time to get # CURRENT:

  1. If you’ve spent the summer like I have (under a rock, hiding from media) then you may not have heard Nicki Minaj’s newest single, “The PinkPrint Freestyle“. Just as we can expect, Nicki masterfully tackles her identity as a female rapper in the male dominated industry and gives us yet another reason to sing (perform?) in the shower.
  2. “Can we PLEASE stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s mess of an email?”- to which the F.B.I. responds: no way. Recently the Federal Bureau of Information released their most detailed account of Clinton’s private email server yet- check it out here.
  3. This week, September 5th through September 11th, is National Suicide Prevention Week. As students, faculty, and parents it is crucial that we continue to acknowledge the prevalence of suicide within our own community. This week, James Madison University’s Counseling Center & University Health Center’s, “The Well” will be hosting a passport event featuring speaker Pablo Campos from the Active Minds Speaker’s Bureau. Pablo will sharing his own story, as well as some critical thoughts on mental health awareness. For more information on the event, check out this link.


That’s all for this week, friends! Stop by next Monday for even more feminist-worthy news with your fav bloggers.

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