This has been great semester. Thank you to our bloggers for their insight, experiences, quirks, ideology and more. Like Wannabeaudre, who really put their own insight into reproductive health. Femfarts analyzes sexism through religious lens. ProChoicePrincess continuously addressed reproductive rights in a new way. Inthemotheroffing captures a unique perspective of investigative feminism. They aim to figure out the root of marginalization and oppression. Southernanitbelle added a personalized touch to their posts that really exemplified how the personal is really political. Lucilleontheball is flat out funny and addresses the feminism from a quirky but critical lens.

Featured Image -- 18572

This semester has been fantastic. We are looking for our next cohort! If you love feminism,  have a feminist topic that you are interested in and want to meet feminist friends alike to discuss how addressing issues can make a greater impact on the JMU community along with current events.


It’s been great & See you next semester!


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