Celebrate V-Day the Pro-Choice Way

It’s that time of the year again! Tax season! Oh, wait–I mean Valentine’s Day. Jokes aside, I am not all that much of a cynic about this holiday. I mean who doesn’t love candy and stuffed bears?

So, here it is. The big day. Whether you’re single, hanging out with friends, visiting family, or cuddled up with someone special, there is always one activity that will please them all: watching a movie. I am sure you all know by now that I try my best to keep my posts relevant to pro-choice topics, and this one is no different. But it is fitting with regard to Valentine’s Day.

Today I bring you a list of must-see films for pro-choice audiences. These films vary in genre and I am hoping at least one of them will peak your interest.

So without further delay, let’s get started.

obvious child.JPG
screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  1. Obvious Child (2014)
    This movie is pretty perfect for V-Day. In this romantic comedy, stand-up comic Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) meets Max (Jake Lacy) after her boyfriend breaks up with her in a sleazy bar bathroom. After a blurry one-night stand, Donna discovers that she is pregnant. She decides to terminate the pregnancy. Having only met Max once, she struggles with figuring out how to explain the situation to him.
    Lovers of rom-coms and reproductive rights will enjoy this one. It’s funny, heartwarming, and is not afraid to tackle the controversial topic of abortion.
    Check out the trailer here.

    citizen ruth
    screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  2. Citizen Ruth (1996)
    Ruth Stoops (Laura Dern) is a drug addict with four children who have been taken out of her custody. After being arrested for drug use once again, Ruth discovers she is pregnant. She is encouraged to get an abortion, but soon finds herself in the middle of a war between pro-choice and pro-life groups. This satirical film pokes fun at extremism on both ends of the abortion debate.
    Fans of black comedy and satire will enjoy this one.
    You can find the trailer here.

    4 months 3 weeks 2 days.JPG
    screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  3. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days (2007)
    This Romanian drama shows the story of two college friends seeking an illegal abortion before the fall of Communism. Gabita is pregnant and with the help of her best friend Otilia and their fellow dorm-mates, the women find themselves in a hotel room with the sinister Dr. Bebe, an abortionist. The film follows the women as they wade through this horrific event together.
    This is an excellent foreign drama and realistically depicts the tragic circumstances many women have faced in the time when abortion was illegal, unsafe, and hard to access.
    Watch the trailer here.

    after tiller.JPG
    screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  4. After Tiller (2013)
    In 2009 Dr. George Tiller was murdered outside of his church. He was one of the few doctors that performed late-term abortions in the United States. After his death, only four late-term abortionists continue to openly practice. This heart-wrenching documentary follows the doctors who perform these types of abortions and sheds light on why women seek abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy.
    This documentary unflinchingly looks at one of the most controversial aspects of abortion and allows the women seeking late-term abortions to speak for themselves.
    Take a look at the trailer here.

    grandma 2
    screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  5. Grandma (2015)
    Elle (Lily Tomlin) is a lesbian poet struggling with the death of her partner and a new relationship with a younger woman. Her granddaughter, Sage comes to her for help when she finds out she is pregnant and needs $630 for an abortion. The film follows the women as they meet with old friends of Elle’s on a quest to find cash. This comedy/drama is humorous and witty, but is balanced with serious moments.
    Tomlin’s wit and sass combined with a realistic depiction of abortion make this movie perfect for comedy fans and those craving a more normalized and respectful portrayal of abortion.
    The trailer is available here.

So, there you have it. Five films to choose from to keep you and your guests informed and entertained on this holiday.

Stay warm and get your box of chocolates ready!


4 thoughts on “Celebrate V-Day the Pro-Choice Way

  1. Okay these all look incredible in their own right…I went from mentally screaming *yaaas* to the Jenny Slate appearance, to cringing at a few of the last…absolutely need to watch all of these.


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