Feminist News Roundup!



New Hampshire Primary

-Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary this past Tuesday with 60.4% of the vote while Clinton secured only 38% percent. In terms of women, Sanders garnered 11% more votes than Clinton! If you’re like me, you’ve been receiving many panicked emails from the Clinton Camp in the wake of this news.

-Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie suspended their presidential campaigns following their failing performance after the primary.

-Tune into the Democratic Debate tonight at 9 pm to see Clinton and Sanders’ standoff! 

Pop Culture

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.22.37 PM
Screenshot by Southernantibelle

Beyoncé broke the internet, again! With the release of her new song and music video, Formation, Beyoncé inspired serious dialogues about a range of issues, including; responses to Hurricane Katrina, police violence, and the importance of celebrating Black culture in America. Combine that with her Black Panther inspired Super Bowl 50 halftime performance and it’s clear to see why people are praising her celebrity activism! Make sure you read this article, as well as this one, to catch up on the significance of these events!


 V-Day Event!

ShoutOut! JMU is planning an awesome event right here on our beautiful campus of JMU! What is V-Day? According to their website, “V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM), and sex slavery.” We’re organizing a reading of various monologues from Eve Ensler’s, A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer. All proceeds go to the New Directions Center of Staunton, VA. More information coming soon, so stay tuned!



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