Through Unseen Eyes

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be an organized rant.

The first day of Shout Out I was asked, why are you here? Why did you decide to apply and be a part of this class? As the quirky person I am I said something silly, but it was not the real reason. I entered this class for the most basic reason of higher education, to learn.

I am sure you must think, Well DUH thats why anyone enters a class. While, yes that is true, learning takes on so many different identities throughout our education. We start out in Gen Eds, figuring out what the hell to do with our lives, we pick a major (more often than not because it will get us a job), we pick a minor to accent our major, then before we know it we are a first semester senior sitting in their hundredth history class thinking what is there to learn from here?

I am a history major and DAMN PROUD of it. I go to my major everyday happy to learn, participate and to grow as a student. BUT when you are in your hundredth history class you realize that at some point, you’re a history major. You live in carrier library and could find any book in the entire library. You DO NOT use technology because most of your research comes from primary sources (AKA old smelly books and artifacts). You realize that this major has made you numb to the horrific events of our past. It has made you defend war criminals and remain unbiased to every event that has ever happened. You become desensitized to feeling anything regardless of topic and how horrible it is. Now yes, I am okay with this because I am a history major, I picked this, I love this. BUT I wanted to change the conversation so I applied to be in Shout Out!


I applied to Shout Out and was, still am, very grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn. I NEEDED a class where I can be kept up on current events, expand my feminist vocabulary and figure out my feminist identity. I AM TIRED of going to my other classes and learning about OLD DEAD RICH WHITE MEN and glossing over woman, LGBTQ and any person of color. History is so blunt and honest it leaves so much out in the open, that going to a class where you can feel something so passionately and communicate that feeling to the masses is a blessing in itself. To have a class that you can learn about past, present and future social events is amazing. Reading about the elite and their impacts on history gets old when so much of our history is happening RIGHT NOW!!


HISTORY IS NOW PEOPLE! LOOK AROUND! I have been in the history department long enough to be able to see the patterns of change. I can see that there is change in the air. People are pissed, people are gaining rights and people are changing society and being able to step out of the old smelly book palace and into the controversy allows for me to grow so much.

So the take away from this post is to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! I am very happy looking at artifacts in a dusty old library, but that doesn’t help me expand, that does not help me grow. Every major has a comfort zone, a class structure that makes them comfortable, professors that you know personally. YES, you do learn, but are you learning something new? Are you seeing perspectives you did not even know existed? Are you PUSHING yourself todo everything you can to become a well rounded person?

So Reader, take a class outside your major. Get outside that comfort bubble that you have placed yourself in. Learn a new perspective, a new word, a new topic! If you take anything away from this post let it please be this, you stop learning the moment you stop looking for something new.

4 thoughts on “Through Unseen Eyes

  1. I love everything about this post. I am so happy you decided to take this class and are finding joy in it. I agree with your main point of breaking out of your shell. As an RA, I always tell my first years to try new things, go for lots of clubs, try a class they may not be as familiar with, etc. because the point of college is to learn and to broaden your horizons. Lord knows I am a completely different person from when I began college and that’s because I was able to explore all of the new things that college had to offer.


  2. This post is PERFECTION and something EVERYONE should absolutely read. I am constantly pushing myself to try new things, and joining ShoutOut was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone. I joined for the same reasons as you: to keep up on current events, expand my feminist vocabulary and figure out my feminist identity. Hopefully taking this class will give you a different perspective and a broader, more inclusive scope of history to bring into your major classes.


    1. I am so happy that you decided to break out of your shell with me! It can be difficult at times but learning and growing is the best part of education! Thank you for your comment!


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