Welcome Back!

Hello our lovely readers,

We are officially back for another semester. As you can tell, we have a new look. ShoutOut is constantly evolving into an image that is more reflective of who we are as a source for feminist discourse. But, we are liking this current look we have and hope you like it too. This semester we have some new faces discussing good ol’ feminism. Along with new faces, ShoutOut has new editors as well. For this year, Eternallyfeminist and Rosehasathorn have taken over the co-editor positions from the now JMU alum, ChelleBelle. We look back and think of the great year we had with the previous bloggers and cannot wait to create more memorable moments with our newcomers.

Dukes for Feminism

Although they are new to ShoutOut! does not mean they are new to feminism. So, look out for SazzyYazzy, FlyAwayWithMe, Casper, Sonderwanderlust, Figgyonfleek, Riseandgrind, and Thelephantintharoom serving you with feminist knowledge and most likely a side of sass. Each one of the new ShoutOut-ers have their own perspective, experience and passion to contribute. But while they get settled into the ShoutOut family, you still have us (the new editors) and returning blogger, WanderingOtter. As we start a new year, remember to take a look at our comment guidelines and definitions page located above. Continue to take this journey with us through discussion, sometimes frustration and to the goal of equality.

Love, Peace & Feminism,

Eternallyfeminist & Rosehasathron

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