Caitlyn Deserves Love. End of Story.

Before I begin with the rest of this post, I want to establish one thing, and that is my privilege. I think that before anyone has a right to weigh in on the current state of affairs, they need to check their privilege. I am a white, heterosexual, cis gendered, middle class, educated, and able, young woman. The reason why I point this out is to show that even though I have very strong (positive) opinions about Caitlyn Jenner, I have to realize that I do not know what she is going through or has gone through throughout her life. This is what I think people on the Internet need to understand.

Caitlyn Jenner is an incredible human being. She has done one of the most courageous things anyone could do, be who they truly are. Caitlyn realized that the way she was living her life was not matched up with how she was, so she made the courageous decision to change. For this, I applaud her. Now let me be clear, Caitlyn was not the first to transition and struggle, Caitlyn is just the first time people are starting to listen. This is a whole other problem in and of itself and hopefully trans* identifying individuals can forgive a majority of society, including my past self, for this. I cannot imagine the struggle of transitioning, but I do know one thing. The thousands of people spanning all over the Internet who are judging Caitlyn and other trans* people do not know either, and this is why they need to take a seat.

Over the past few days I have read hundreds of angry statuses, tweets, and reposted blogs about how despicable Caitlyn is. People think that they have a right to pass judgment, and they usually hide this behind “religious freedom.” Now, I know that not every spiritual person feels this way, and I know that generalizations are what got us here in the first place, but people who claim that Caitlyn is a sinner because she is changing the way God has made her needs to stop. What happened to “treat thy neighbor as thy self,” or “God loves all his children.“ Why do people feel that they can only preach these sayings when it is convenient for them?

As I pointed out my privilege in the beginning, I will also point out that I am not religious or spiritual at all. I am sure I will have backlash for this post because of this fact, but I am just honestly sick of people making ignorant comments and passing judgments on areas of human rights that they know nothing about.


In addition to the hate I have been seeing, I have also been seeing hundreds of posts about how Caitlyn is not brave, but how children who are battling cancer or military personnel are brave. Let us make one thing clear, there can be more than one kind of brave, and there can definitely be more than one brave individual. This is not a competition.

Here is what I propose, instead of posting downright rude and passive aggressive statuses about how much you disagree with Caitlyn Jenner being who she is, we try the love approach. No matter what you believe, everyone deserves love. Caitlyn Jenner is no exception, and neither are the thousands of other trans* identifying individuals.

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