#Feminist Hashtags

Ever wonder about how you can hashtag your social media to show off your feminism? Well guess what, there are some pretty amazing and witty hashtags out there, and I want to point out  just a few hashtags!


So you’re ready to take your first steps to hashtagging the shit out of your instagram now, and I cannot be happier! A disclaimer, some of these hashtags may not be super popular or anything, but they make me smile, and I think they get the point across.


This hashtag is one that some of my feminist friends used in high school, and it is usually used when taking pictures with lipstick on. Specifically deep shades of red lipstick, and in my opinion, usually using a power color. With this hashtag, women can show their strength as one, uniting under the color red. Below is the perfect example of when someone would use #bloodofathousandmen to feel her beauty and strength.



A long hashtag, I know, but this is probably my favorite of the hashtags. Self love is so important and especially when it comes to social media, people are constantly being judged, especially women and their appearances. It’s so important to know that you are beautiful, and that you should not be letting any punk ass guy behind a computer screen tell you any less. It’s not always the easiest thing to love yourself, but taking the time to appreciate different parts of yourself can really help to brighten your outlook on life. Tying that in, taking selfies help you to see what you look like, and being able to appreciate and love that is so important, which is why taking daily selfies that you like can help you in the long run. This picture of Sydney is a beautiful one, and shows the importance to appreciate every moment of yourself!


So this one isn’t as much of a “feminist empowerment” hashtag, but it goes along with the last one and why self love is important. Just learning to accept yourself as you are is a huge step in life. Once you turn that acceptance into love, sparks will fly. Werk it and own your inner goddess.


This is the most basic of the hashtags I’ve talked about, but it’s pretty obvious what you’re trying to convey here. It’s pretty blatant that you are a feminist and proud of it, and lets just say there’s a special place in my heart for people who aren’t afraid to fight for equality! Here’s a great example of a tweet that utilizes this hashtag.

There are plenty more feminist hashtags out there, but these were just a few, some uncommon and some popular. I hope whatever hashtags you use, that you are proud to be a feminist!

2 thoughts on “#Feminist Hashtags

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I completely agree. Hashtags are how people classify things now a’days and they are ways to describe and also find things people are looking for.


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