Quick Hit: FCKH8

I don’t keep a swear jar in my household because I curse like a drunk sailor…I hope the families of these potty-mouthed princesses don’t either. Watch these not-so-little girls drop “F-bombs for Feminism” as they bring attention to the sad reality that society is more offended by swear words than the discrimination its daughters are face:


2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: FCKH8

  1. I saw a lot of the Youtube comments following this video and I was annoyed. A lot of people said these little girls should not be cursing and its a disgrace, proving the argument that the creators of the video were trying to make. Some people are still not getting the point of this video, which is we get easily offended by these girls cursing, but we don’t get offended by the gender inequality women still face. I like that you brought that up when describing the video. I think this campaign is really important and I agree with mustbeamermaid, I desperately need a shirt.


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