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Unlocking The Truth: Unlocking Your Perceptions

Stephen Colbert:

Let me ask you one more thing. Why are you called Unlocking the Truth?

Malcolm Brickhouse, member of the band:

We are basically unlocking the truth of life and that you can do anything you wanna do. Kids don’t think they can do anything because that’s what people tell them to do, but I feel like just look past that and believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything you want.

Malcolm is the vocalist for the metal band, Unlocking the Truth. The three member band is consisted of 8th grade males. Their talent is impeccable and it is shown through their $1.8 million contract with Sony. Two of the members have been playing instruments since they were seven. Malcolm’s parents have helped with the management side, but the nitty gritty stuff is accredited to this hardworking group.

So you’re probably wondering why is bestlittlelion92 roaring about this band; what have they truly done that has inspired her? Or maybe you’re not going that deep into thought process, if you know me, you’re probably thinking, she likes metal, no way.  The reason why I’m digging this band is not necessarily for the metal, but because they are breaking stereotypes of not only children, but also of the black community. To be honest when I think of rock music mixed in with my black culture;  I can only list a few people. Now don’t get in a frenzy and think that I’m saying rock and metal are the same, but it’s nice to see a group of black boys take over a genre that is not rooted in the typical such as rap, R&B, and jazz. I value black artists in those genres, but for someone who likes all different kinds of music, its important to have people of my community as prime figures.

Also this may be a stretch, but when I heard about this band, I instantly thought about the incident in Ferguson. I thought about how the black man is perceived; how the stereotype of an aggressor or a thug can have huge impacts in the criminal system. Unlocking the truth is unlocking the truth into people beyond their skin; though I highlighted the important of having black figures in different kinds of music, it is also key to recognize that people can go beyond the negative stereotypes and showcase their true personhood.

Now that I’ve discussed Unlocking the Truth, its time to unlock some other artists who have branched out in other genres.


I challenge you, to tell me who this people are in the comments below! Now you’re also thinking, hey there is a lot of black people who have used their talents in other genres such as rock and country; but I bring up Unlocking the Truth because they are delving into metal which is really out of the norm. I hope they can inspire you to break your own stereotypes.

P.S. Random, but  I don’t like to use the term African American, so that’s why I say black community and black people; I hope you don’t get offended.

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