” There is a guilt associated with feminized gender performances that make one feel as if they are less authentic.”

RIGHT ON ladylikesailormouth! I identified rather strongly with this statement. I think the root of the issue discussed here really goes back to embracing different forms of feminism. It is so important that feminists are open to diversity within the feminist movement. I can still be a “good” feminist if I have to put on makeup before leaving the house. If we want to strengthen this discourse, we need to be inclusive and united. But not united in the sense that everyone thinks, feels, and practices feminism in the same way–united in the way that we support everyone’s right to exercise their unique version of feminism.

“Career paths, whether its CEO or mother of four, is a choice- and isn’t choice the core of our beliefs as a movement?”

Also, ^^ yes. Just yes. The idea of “choice” embodies so much of what this movement means to me. Freedom to choose. El Feministo touched on this in his post a few weeks ago, and I think that this is a great follow up on his thoughts. Wonderfully written and thought-provoking. Thanks!