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I Wear Old Spice and I am a Girl

So I had a date recently and I noticed he was wearing Old Spice. I told him that I have been wearing the same deodorant since my freshmen year of high school, granted I also wear perfume as well. I went on to tell my date that I love the smell of Old Spice and I also feel that it is more of an effective deodorant. He thought it was very strange that I wore a deodorant that is specifically designed for men. But I know so many women who wear Old Spice and I actually began to wear it too because so many girls in my high school were using it as their choice deodorant. In addition I know that many women buy men’s clothes including myself, but many men do not buy products that are “strictly” for women. But seriously just because I am a girl who uses men’s deodorant doesn’t make me weird. Why should people have such a stigma?


I would like to note that Old Spice has really funny and great commercials. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Old Spice commercial with a man on the horse talking about how manly he is. Take a look here if you haven’t seen it! In this particular commercial the Old Spice man states that a man who doesn’t wear Old Spice is likely to smell like a girl, which is an undesirable trait in a man. By wearing Old Spice a man can accomplish anything he wants as it means he will not smell like a lady. I love the Old Spice commercials but this one is incredibly sexist and makes it appear that smelling like a women is not a good thing. What is wrong with smelling like a woman? Also what is wrong with a guy smelling like a girl? Is it truly that bad if a man smells like a girl and does that diminish his identity as a man? Last I checked everyone can smell bad, if they don’t have good hygiene regardless of their sex. But both male and female scents have been branded to be female or male by gender norms in society. It really is interesting to note that even such basic products in life like deodorant are easily genderized.

I know that this may be an odd post to some, but it is important to note that we live in a very gender divided world and even everyday items we use can sometimes have a gender of their own. My date thinking my choice of deodorant was a weird one made me think a lot and I hope it has made you think too. Do you think it is weird that I wear old spice and that many other women do the same? Why or why not? How do you think as a society we can stop genderizing what a man or woman should smell like? My last question for you is can you think of other daily products that we use that are genderized? I would love to hear your feedback. Personally I think people should wear whatever scents they wish to even if it goes against society’s norms, and that it is not that unusual for a woman to wear men’s fragrances.

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