Quick hit: How ’bout a little pick me up? – Ridiculous-invention style.

This world, is a crazy, horrific, and depressing place – or at least, it is if you watch the news, which I just did! And I’m now very sad and angry with people… just, in general. SO! I decided that today, I’m not going to post any rants about the world going to shit as we know it, or about some horrific sex crime, I’m going to make you all smile (hopefully!).

I believe that every once in a while, in this depressing world of sexism, homophobia, racism and every other horrific event of discrimination, we all deserve a minute to sit back, relax and laugh. So, I went in search of some fun pictures and/or funny blogs I could highlight, and I was not disappointed by this website I found! BoredPanda it’s called, and I want to share with you, one of the pages I stumbled upon – New (and completely pointless, yet extremely entertaining) inventions! I’m only going to highlight a few, so if you want the full article click here, but in my opinion, I’m sharing the best of the crop! Enjoy!First – A duck-billed muzzle for your dogs! Because if you’re going to humiliate them in front of their friends by making them wear muzzles, they might as well look super cool in them.

blog invention1

You know how sometimes you just need to take a nap in public but you’re scared of looking stupid? Well, fear no more! – this is the ostrich pillow!

blog invention6

The “Foot Powered Bike” because apparently regular bikes aren’t foot powered? But you know either way if you just want to go for a run sometime looking super cool and want some back pain – this one is for you!

blog invention5

The Water-gun Umbrella? You’re welcome.

blog invention4

The piano doorbell! Because none of your friends would be annoying enough to take advantage of this…

blog invention3

Annnnnddd – The stroller scooter! Your children will thank you later, and you’ll be the coolest parent in the neighborhood! Double-win!

blog invention2


Anyway, I hope these ridiculous yet crazy-amazing inventions brightened up your day a bit and put you in a good mood before facing the big bad world! But even those this was for fun, I hope you did are walking away with some thought here – Whether it’s “A duck-muzzle?! What is this world coming to?!” Or “Oh my goodness that’s genius! I’m going to rush out and buy one of those right now!” Please comment and let me know!! (And if you do want to buy something – I really hope it’s the water-gun umbrella! Think of the happiness if we only had a few more of those in the world!!)

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