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Justice: Former Policeman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Sexual Assault

Trigger Warning: Rape

 The other day on Jezebel I read that a cop who raped multiple women during his employment in California was sentenced to 205 years in prison and rightly so. Sergio Alvarez charges include: aggravated assault, kidnapping, and rape. The Sacramento police believe that Alvarez has been charged with the longest sentence in recorded history for a policeman on duty. This scumbag raped women while even on the job in his very own police car. One victim who was raped by Alvarez thought he was a policeman doing his job and was going to help he fix her car, but instead he attacked and assaulted her.

I think that Alvarez’s punishment of life in prison is fair. Because he not only raped and assaulted many women, but he was a crooked policeman who instead of protecting people was putting people in danger. The article I read is very brief and does not discuss how Alvarez was caught but I am glad people discovered that he was breaking the law and hurting many women. But most importantly that he will no longer be a part of society. I know in many cases that when police brutality occurs (and I would consider Alvarez ‘s actions to be under this category) that many policeman get away with breaking the law. However, I think Alvarez’s story goes to show that evil and unethical policeman do sometimes get punished and are thrown out of the system immediately. Maybe this story will help more women step forward who have gotten raped by an authority figure. Do you think that Alvarez’s sentence was well deserved or too extreme Let me know what you think!

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