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GayMU Perseveres Through Hate

Now if you think this post is going to give light to the negative emails and twitter posts, then you’re looking at the wrong post, I would much rather talk about what I saw today on the commons. As I was walking in the pouring rain, I saw a tent, on the commons and I thought to myself whoever is under that tent is determined. I was suppose to table for Madison Equality today and I honestly thought that the rain would cancel the tabling for today. To my surprise the people under the tent were members of Madison Equality; I was excited to see that the rain had not stopped their efforts.


Bystanders on the commons got to enjoy free rainbow cupcakes in honor of JMU’s pride week and let me tell you those cupcakes were so tasty! The reason why I bring up this is because the tent, the passing out of cupcakes, in the rain, symbolizes Madison Equality’s continuous efforts to persevere through whatever comes their way.


Madison Equality has changed leadership recently, but they were still able to host the best Charity Ball I’ve ever been too and bring in the lovely Mary Lambert and Rebecca Kling. Though the dynamic has changed in Madison Equality, the heart is still there and its this strength that I believe is not often talked about. Without Madison Equality, I would not feel as comfortable in my skin or have been able to meet all of the amazing people in these past three years. So this post is not about the “haters” its an ode to one of the best organizations on this campus, Madison Equality (I’m also just a tad bit bias :))

This week is GayMU and I recommend people coming out to all of the events that they are hosting this week.

Tabling Out on The Commons 10 am – 2 pm
Out on Campus Panel @ 8pm in Miller 1101


Tabling Out on The Commons 10 am – 2 pm
“Gay? Fine by me.” T-shirt Giveaway

Alison Grillo @ 8:30pm in Festival Ballroom A

Friday :
Live Homosexual Acts (LHA) 7pm @ Transitions [Warren Hall]

This organization shows, that when it comes to being a part of a marginalized group, the battle is never over. With that being said, it takes great strength and courage to never stop fighting for what is right. I appreciate the allies that have come forward to support this week and I know that Madison Equality will not disappoint.


2 Responses to “GayMU Perseveres Through Hate”

  1. mymanifesta

    Thank you so so so much for writing this! You shined light and praise on a wonderful organization and it is well deserved. I’m so happy to see the positivity and perseverance of the JMU community and Madison Equality. I’m excited for the rest of the week and all of the other events!!


    • bestlittlelion92

      Yea I’m excited too for all of the events. I’m performing for Live Homosexual Acts so if you want to come to that, I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂



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