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Quick Hit: Building Tension Instead of Building Structure

I have been a victim of street harassment and normally I just brush it off. I think to myself, its just a bunch of stupid men in their cars yelling at me profane things, and  it was never really worth my time to react to their words. With that being said, a recent incident has happened that makes me want to speak up. The other day, I was walking with a friend to the success center, and I said “Hey its getting warm outside better start shaving my legs.” Then I proclaimed that actually I’m never going to shave my legs. We both laughed, but someone who was ease dropping on our conversation didn’t seem to agree to my sentiment.

One of the construction workers said to me, “Actually, you need to shave your legs.” He laughed as if that was something to joke about. I laughed and said okay, because honestly I was taken aback by what he said. I was use to the woos from random strangers, but this was on campus, by a construction worker who I will probably see again. In that moment, I felt uncomfortable. What if this guy says something to me on another day, it will completely ruin the sunny disposition I have while walking to work and also its just plain out creepy. I don’t want to feel this kind of treatment on campus and trust me I am doing something about the matter. Now not all of the construction workers are like this one, I had a nice encounter the other day with one of them, this is more of a post of awareness for whats going on. If an employee of JMU, or a student says these things to you, don’t brush it off, its harassment, and your voice should be heard.

2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Building Tension Instead of Building Structure”

  1. mymanifesta

    Thank you for posting about this! I’ve heard many examples regarding sexual harassment from all the new workers around campus and it’s really gross and unfortunate. I’m glad you shared your experience. I’m going to do a post on the new JMU Hollaback program this week and I definitely think you should submit this to them if that’s something you’re comfortable with.


    • bestlittlelion92

      Thanks for replying! Yea, I know that on the surface it may seem like this isn’t a big problem and I by no means want this man to be fired, I just want more respect from these employees. The weird thing about it all is I’ve been whistled at, and even been asked to get in a car because a man mistook me for a prostitute, but what happened with the construction worker was so out of line. To invade someones personal conversation and then comment on what they should do with their body is just too much. I’m looking forward to reading your next post!



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