Quick Hit: Trojan Condoms make a statement with new commercial

The other day while watching TV for a few minutes, a Trojan condom commercial came on. Normally when I see these, I think they are supper cheese-tastic (cheesy), however this particular one gave me a different impression.

Here’s the commercial:

What I personally enjoy is how the woman is in control; the male isn’t the only one who brought a condom, which is the stereotypical norm when it comes to sexual situations.

This commercial not only promotes their product well, but also sends the empowering message that males are NOT the only ones in control within sexual circumstances. They aren’t the only ones who can come prepared and determine whether they are going to have casual or planned sex. Women can be in control of their sex life, just as much as males because sex–ideally–is an  act of choice by BOTH parties.

I hope when women of all ages watch this commercial, they recognize it’s totally okay to be the ones who bring a condom and to be in control of their actions. So kudos to Trojan for sending that message intentionally, or unintentionally–and I hope its not the latter.

What is your interpretation of this commercial?


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