Great article! I enjoyed your take on this sketch which I had not seen or heard of yet. SNL is always a toss up on its comedy and how outrageous they’ll be, but honestly, I think that that is part of the reputation of SNL that audiences accept for the most part. It is degrading someimes and offensive most of the time, but it’s always in a light-hearted comedic way, not meant to be overtly-controversial. Does this mean SNL never crosses a line? aboslutely not. As shown in your coverage of this “black jeopardy” sketch, it was possibly way too much, but I think that what needs to come with this type of over-the-top humor is taking it with a grain of salt and a laugh. Sometimes what makes us uncomfortable can be healthy to laugh off (as long as it’s not exploiting in an unhealthy manner) in the same way as being able to laugh at yourself when a friend teases you. Maybe, I don’t know, but in general I think most things with SNL and comedians in general should be shaken off and taken with a grain of salt. It may be sad and may not be necessary, but most of the time it’s their job to be offensive in some way for the sake of a laugh.