I found it so interesting to read this cause I also never got an official “sex talk!” But yes, I am so glad you talked about the weird oxy-moron of our culture with sex! This is something I’ve thought about before. Sex is literally thrown at us from every angle, and I think our generation is more accepting of, and in fact more promoting of, this kind of raciness in every medium, so it’s so interesting that the hard facts of sex are so taboo! I think it has something to do with us romanticizing sex. In this term I actually (and ironically) am not referring to romance in the classic sense of having to do with love, it’s more like we want to keep it as a fairy tale-ish and fun ACT rather than any sort of human function. Like you said, we want to keep it “sexy” and not medical or factual in any terms. It’s certainly an interesting topic to think about because you think we’d be more okay with talking about it because of our de-sensitivity to SEEing it in the media, but it’s so opposite… Great article, very thought provoking!