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He Me Roar: Why’s Everyone Hating on Katy?

Katy Perry has released four studio albums, won countless awards, has a networth of about $55 million, and now is proudly claiming, “I am a Feminist!” You would think the media would be happy that another star has gravitated towards that word and has started to embrace it, but alas their are many critiques on this stars new found feminist identity. The problem is not that Katy Perry claims to be a feminist its in the way, she defines feminism. Perry thinks that feminism means, “that I love myself as a female and I also love men.” Now I would say that feminism is way more then just that, but who am I to say that her definition is completely wrong. I believe that loving yourself has a huge part to do with being a feminist, Perry even goes on to say, “I am a strong woman.”

Though it would have been cool for her to say that she is a feminist because she believes that men and women should have equal opportunities and rights, doesn’t mean that I’m going to hate on Perry for the definition she gave. I mean she’s a pop star, it’s not like she’s reading countless books on what feminism is and the different stages/ levels of Feminism. I write for this blog and my idea of feminism changes everyday. Katy Perry even admitted to not knowing what the word even meant a few years ago, so she is still going into the process of discovering her feminist self, so please media, give her a break! Also I believe that feminism doesn’t have a clear cut definition, because it means something different to everyone. Also if people listened to the whole interview you could see Katy’s subtle ways of embracing female empowerment. In the interview she says her biggest advice to young girls is get an education; I believe that using her platform as this big super star and giving advice like that helps women advance in society. Katy is telling young girls to stay motivated and use their minds, rather then just their bodies. Also, Katy Perry’s music speaks volumes to female empowerment. Though I don’t really care for the song Roar, its lyrics talk about moving on from a relationship and finding strength within yourself. Katy knows her fan base and knows her popularity so she uses her pop songs to motivate her fans and to even motivate herself. Now I’m not saying Katy Perry is perfect or even my favorite artist, I’m just saying that criticizing the pop star for her own unique definition of feminism doesn’t help the cause, only hinders the conversation.

What do you think? Do you think Katy Perry is totally wrong? How do you feel about the recent celebrity claim of being a feminist? Is feminism really becoming a trend? I would love to know your thoughts!

3 Responses to “He Me Roar: Why’s Everyone Hating on Katy?”

  1. aliasmitch

    Good post! I think its is important to question how feminist is used as a label and what, exactly, that means as an identity label. ‘m a bit dubious of any celebrities branding themselves as feminist, because it can always be a tactical public relations move. Beyoncé declares herself a feminist and suddenly everyone follows suit. Perry did a similar thing with gay rights when Lady Gaga fashioned herself as an outspoken gay rights activist yet Perry has an incredibly homophobic song called “Ur So Gay” in which she calls her ex-boyfriend gay and tells him “I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf.”

    I mean, not what you would expect from someone who claims to be a champion of gay rights, right? Additionally, the tragic mess of “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It” is about performing lesbianism for the straight male gaze because that’s hot! Perry’s character in the song is still straight, she just makes out with girls to entertain men, and I think that is totally not feminist. Sure, Perry can call herself a feminist but before we examine what that label means in regard to her she should give an indication that she has some knowledge of what that label means. Feminist means being more than a “strong woman” (Which, by the way, how does she display her strength? Shooting whipped cream out of a brassiere?) –it is a political identity that involves a lot more than what Perry delivers in her music.


    • bestlittlelion92

      Thanks for your response! Though I stand by my post I would agree that she has had backlash in the past with the LGBT community. I never understood how Katy could proclaim to be an ally towards the community but promote songs that present negative images to the community. I like how you bring up these past issues, I wanted to discuss this as well in the post, but I didn’t want it to take away from my message at hand. I also agree that the rising claim of celebrities being feminists can be problamatic because there could be a hidden agenda behind the claim. Though I am glad that Katy Perry is starting to see herself as a feminist, there are definitely flaws within her message, but I would like to point out that she is moving in the right direction! Thanks again for your post 🙂


    • imagineherstory

      I have never really thought about that interpretation of “I Kissed A Girl”, while I can completely see how it can totally be heard in that way that wasn’t the way I had thought about it. For me that song was about being bicurious which I don’t think is inherently a bad thing as long as it’s being used for self discovery rather than attention.

      Although, looking back I can totally see the negative stereotypes that I had previously ignored when I first heard “Ur So Gay”. Though I wonder if you’re not given Katy credit, perhaps she has grown and understands more now than she did when she wrote that song. Perhaps, like me, she understands now the negative aspects that this song includes.

      While I agree that many celebrities choose to claim the title of feminism without a true understanding of it, even condoning practices that would be considering anti-feminist, they are at least helping to get rid of the negative stereotype of the word feminism. Once that is gone we can do even more work without having to worry about the backlash that the word can elicit. I don’t think Katy has all the pieces of feminism worked out she is, I like to think, making progress as most of us had to do. Even the “I love men” moment makes me think that hey if enough people begin to believe that feminist can and do love men, though they don’t have to, then maybe people will listen to us more. I like to think that this recent publicity of feminism will make people be like, “Okay, if Beyonce is a feminist then it’s okay if I am one too. And if I am a feminist maybe I should really look into what that means.” I like to think that this might spark a new passion within the movement where people don’t see it as a bad thing and will be willing to delve deeper into the topic, learn more, and see that they really are a feminist.



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