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Quick Hit: Two Sorority Sisters Dating Caused Negative Reactions

In the Christian sorority, Christian Alpha Delta Chi, Kylie Foo and Sophia Chaparro realized they had romantic feelings for one another and started a relationship in 2012 at the college of Berkeley. The two were only worried about their relationship because they both held leadership positions in the sorority, which could of caused the organization a conflict of interest and decided to talk to the national chapter. Needless to say, the national chapter was not supportive at all, stating that if the two girls stayed in a relationship they would be banned from the sorority, as they were “delinquent.” However, Foo and Chaparro’s chapter at Berkeley was supportive and fought back.

Many sisters in the chapter were outraged that the national chapter would ban Foo and Chaparro because of their sexuality and relationship, and eventually found that the national board could not rule anyone as “delinquent” without a vote by the member’s chapter. But a member of the national board warned the sorority that if they voted to allow Foo and Chapparo to stay the chapter could lose its charter completely. Berkeley’s Christian Alpha Delta Chi was not deterred and voted that Foo and Chaparro could stay. But the national board made the chapter inactive for a semester and did not give funding for social events. Soon Christian Alpha Delta Chi would question Foo and Chaparro’s relationship on a biblical level, making the couple not feel very welcome or safe and ultimately lead them to leave the sorority.

The next year in 2013 Foo and Chaparro went to rush as protestors. The national president gave a weak apology to the girls. This situation is a very complex issue. I believe that even though a sorority may be looking for a particular type of candidate that does not mean they can deny someone based off sexuality, gender, or race. It is a shame that Foo and Chaparro were under pressure and left the sorority. The two are deeply religious and just because they are gay does not mean that they should be excluded from a sorority where they felt like they belonged. What do you think could of changed this situation or could be done in the future-similar situations?

4 Responses to “Quick Hit: Two Sorority Sisters Dating Caused Negative Reactions”

    • SarahStar77

      No problem! Are you guys doing anything on your own to spread the word about your story? Also how did you find my post? I hope all is well for the both of you.


  1. imagineherstory

    Great post! I wish I could say that this was shocking, but unfortunately it’s not at all. It is a complete shame that these members have to suffer through all of this because of who they love. I wish the sorority had remembered the other values that they had been founded on rather than just that specific one.


  2. SarahStar77

    Imagineherstory thank you for reading. I agree with you that the two sisters should not be punished for being in a relationship and that the sorority should instead remember its core values. Hopefully in the future this will not happen again with education and understanding.



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