TLC for yourself! (5 reasons why you should love yourself)

I have been feeling inspired to write something about self love. As we get closer to the end of the semester pressures rise and so do temperatures which means we might start to judge ourselves a little to harshly (adding more pressure). Whether you are graduating or trying to find a summer job, wrapping up a year is tough! We are all probably a little warn out but want to have the most fun when it is nice outside. Warm weather also means pool and quad chillin’ which might be your favorite thing to do or it might be something that causes you anxiety if you are not a fan of bikinis or crop tops. I am going to give you 5 reasons why you should love yourself right now!

self love quote

1.) You. are. perfect.

I’m not trying to flirt or flatter you- hell, I don’t even know you but this is true! Have you met someone who is better at being you than you?? Nope, because it is impossible. You are the most wonderful and fantastic version of yourself and that is important to remember. We often compare ourselves to one another but WHY? Stop trying to be like someone else. Love yourself and be yourself because as soon as you realize that you are perfect, other things will start to fall into place.

2.) You’re. not. fat.

Question- what are you? Tall? Short? A student? An athlete? How do you define yourself? Try to think of yourself without any labels of things you do or your physical appearance descriptions. What is left in the description of yourself? You, the person/spirit/soul/wonderful life that resides in this body cannot be fat. In fact, it probably doesn’t even know what fat is. S0 stop harping on it! Your body is merely a container for your beautiful soul! If you think you are your body than you aren’t giving yourself enough credit because you are so much more than that!

3.) You. are. alive.

When is the last time you woke up, took a big breath of fresh morning air and thought about how lucky you are to have this day in front of you? I can personally tell you it’s pretty difficult to do after your alarm buzzes at you after a 4 hour night sleep on a cold day, staying under the covers feels like a much better option. I find it is easy to just let normal days pass us by but isn’t everyday a beautiful chance to do something incredible? (hint: it is). So wake up, breathe, smile, and CARPE DIEM!

4.) You. will. find. love.

#ForeverAlone #SingleAndReadyForAMartini #LoveStinks. SSSsshhhhhh! Silence those ridiculous thoughts (not that I don’t have them too) but here is my quick take on love. I don’t believe in the “you complete me” kind of love. I’d like to think I am a complete person, and a pretty good one at that! If someone comes into my life and I think I’m in love then that is not something that will complete me, it will lift me up and take me to places beyond my already complete state. That being said, I think all types of love are important, not just romantic. Love that we have for family and friends is just as important if not more important than romantic love. Love actually surrounds us all the time, we just need to see where it’s coming from. I always feel better after reaching out to a friend or family member I haven’t talked to in awhile and just sending them some love! Don’t stress yourself out about finding the love of your life. That person will be there someday and you might lose sight of all the love that is around you right now if you are only searching for one kind of love.

5.) You. deserve. it.

You have enough, you do enough, you are enough. Take a couple minutes a day and just sit and breathe and thank yourself for putting up with you. We tend to max ourselves out with jobs, organizations, classes, friends, fun, etc. Sometimes it may feel that there is always someone better than you or that you should do more (refer back to #1). It is good to be passionate about issues or work or school but know your limit. You are human. It is ok to need time or space or whatever you need to feel good. You deserve to be loved and the first and most important person that can give that to you is you. You can do it right now. Go on, give yourself a hug, you deserve it.

I hope you are feeling the love after this post! It is easy to get caught up in life (repeat offender over here!). Just try to remind yourself of a couple of these things each day and hopefully you will be on your way to 100% self love, you perfect you! Embrace yourself fully, celebrate your failures as much as your achievements, flirt with yourself in the mirror, pat yourself on the back, be you.



One thought on “TLC for yourself! (5 reasons why you should love yourself)

  1. Such an inspiring and heart warming post! To be honest, this is just what I needed to read. Self-love is the most important out of all, because you must never rely on material things or others to fulfill your self-worth or happiness. If you are happy with yourself, you are fulfilled to the fullest and as you said, everything will fall into to place. Thanks for posting such an uplifting post!


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