Arizona Governor Vetos a Discriminating Bill

Politics have always scared me a little bit. I do not really get into them and try to steer clear but there are some issues that cannot be ignored. Recently, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a Republican bill  which caused much controversy over religion and gay rights. Arizona erupted into a mix of tears and boos as Governor Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062 that was designed to enhance the protection of people who use their religious beliefs as a way to refuse service to gay people. If this bill had been passed, Brewer suspected that it “could divide Arizona in ways we could not even imagine and no one would ever want…”

gay rights

Governor Brewer speaks further on how she wants to sign laws that advance Arizona. She had support in this decision from Apple Inc., American Airlines, Sen. John McCain, and former presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Interestingly, three Republicans that originally wanted the bill to pass, changed their minds and said that was a mistake on their part. The bill actually allowed people to use religious beliefs as an excuse and reason for discriminating actions. In Arizona, a photographer refusing to take pictures of a gay couples wedding cannot be sued for that decision. That in and of itself is wrong and this bill is a step against that type of court ruling.

Gov. Jan BrewerA particularly upsetting piece of commentary in this article was made by Sen. Al Melvin, a Republican that voted for the bill and was upset by Brewer’s veto. He goes on to say “I am sorry to hear that Governor Brewer has vetoed this bill. I’m sure it was a difficult choice for her, but it is a sad day when protecting liberty is considered controversial.” Now, I might be misinterpreting this but I feel that not standing as an ally for gay rights is also a way to not protect liberty. Thankfully, democrats said that it was “a veiled attempt to legally discriminate against gay people and could allow people to break nearly any law and cite religious freedom as a defense.” I am glad this statement came later because it was exactly what I believe. This bill should not have even made it as far as it did and thankfully Gov. Brewer stopped it and showed that Arizona will move forward with the times.

I feel that all states should be moving forward with the times. I don’t understand how it could ever be acceptable to use religion as a reason not to serve someone. Especially if it is your job and you get paid to do it. It is not fair that some people would be able to choose their clientele and openly discriminate against certain groups. As an aspiring counselor, I could not imagine using my Catholic background as a reason to not help someone who identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual etc. (Catholics and I disagree to a large extent on that matter) A photographer who refuses to take photos of a lesbian wedding is openly discriminating and treating a certain person differently than another. That is not liberty. That is not freedom. And that photographer should of course be subject to court action. What do you all think? Am I right or am I right?? Haha Just kidding…but really, should this law have been passed? Give me your thoughts!

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