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Quick-Hit: New invention – Wake-up Vibe-Alarm? Ya, exactly what it sounds like.

I am just so baffled by this invention I came across on It’s an alarm clock that doubles as a vibrator! So you set the alarm, put it in your pants and in the morning, how does it wake you up? Yep, you’ve got the idea. I just don’t know how I feel about this! I mean, more power to the woman who wants to wake up every morning with an orgasm, I guess! To me, it sounds terrifying! As a person who nearly jumps out of her skin when someone wakes me up by touching my shoulder, I can’t even imagine waking up to that! Instant heart attack…though possibly followed by the best start to a day ever…?

I don’t know, maybe I’m too sheltered and should not judge it so harshly because when you think about it, though it could make it harder to get out of bed for obvious reasons… It could also really improve the mood you’re in when you’re waking up! They say, just smiling to yourself and thinking a happy thought when you wake up can immediately improve the way you’ll face your day (and yourself), so waking up with a little more than just a “happy thought” could potentially make a serious impact on your mood…  But, check out this video-ad to make your own judgements about it.

However, as far as effectively advertising the product as an alarm clock goes, I’m not quite sure this product will meet the mark – the woman featured in the ad doesn’t actually look to ready to wake-up and start her day… more like she’s ready for another round. Someone’s not getting to work on time. What do you all think about this new “wake-up vibe-alarm” invention?

2 Responses to “Quick-Hit: New invention – Wake-up Vibe-Alarm? Ya, exactly what it sounds like.”

  1. mymanifesta

    I just had to click on this article to learn what you were talking about! I can not believe that someone invented this — well maybe I can! haha. I just have to wonder who they’re marketing their product too. All women I suppose but the idea is a little bit silly. I could understand the pleasure of being woken up by your partner in the morning with a kiss and coffee, but not something stuck up my underwear. After this, who knows what companies will produce next.


    • yourknightinshiningtutu

      MyManifesta, thanks for your comment! I completely agree with you! I suppose it’s easy to see the appeal, but it’s such an absolutely ridiculous concept, that I can’t believe it’s actually a real thing! And i agree that I would love to learn more about who they’re marketing to and if it’s actually working! Obviously they can’t air commercials (at least during day-time hours) so where is this ad even showing?! “Slumber-parties” maybe? Maybe I’ll try to follow up with this product later and what has spun-off from it also!



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