Quick Hit: New York Fashion Week Still Lacks Racial Diversity

I am a huge fan of high fashion and New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite events to watch and is where top designers and newcomers show their latest styles and collections. However, I am not a fan of the modeling world and the ideals it holds on body image and diversity. I read on Jezebel in the article, “NY Fashion Week Report: Model Racial Diversity Has Not Improved” that this year’s New York Fashion Week once again lacked diversity. Jezebel included every look from every collection being a total of 4,621 looks and only 985 were worn by models of color. Below is the pie chart of the total number of models of color at New York Fashion Week that was created by Jezebel.


A whopping 78.69% of models were white. Although many designers and people in the world of fashion have been harped on to increase diversity each and every season it looks like 2014 is no different. The modeling world is very prejudice to begin with; models have to be a certain weight and a certain height, which is ridiculous. I think that this article form Jezebel brings up big picture issues in that if the world of modeling is not accepting more women of color during fashion week, then how can they be accepting of different body types as well?


 As much as I love clothes and high fashion the world of modeling makes my stomach churn due to the pressures of women to have an “ideal body type.” I think that for next year designers need to find more women of color and put them in their show, and also find models who break the mold weight wise. What do you think should be done in order to bring not just racial diversity but body diversity as well into the world of modeling and New York Fashion Week?

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: New York Fashion Week Still Lacks Racial Diversity

    1. Lisa thanks for your response. That is great that Carrie Hammer had a model in a wheelchair. That also reminded me that Lindsay Von the skier, who injured herself and could not compete in the Olympics, walked for a show in her crutches. I forget what show though. I am glad that two fashionistas promoted disability awareness. How do you think the modeling industry should promote both racial and body diversity?


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