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Stop Calling Each Other Sluts and Whores

Good Morning Everyone!

I recently went through the “nice guy turns out to not be so nice” situation. It is, sadly, probably all too familiar to lots of people, for guys and girls alike. It is the situation where the “significant other” (more or less) is a couple people’s “significant other” too, all the while telling you the daily- “I like you”, “I love hanging out with you”, “you’re so great”, etc. Once all of this finally blows up in the significant others face, friends start getting involved. They don’t want you to be upset so they might start bashing the other woman”. I found lots of people saying things like “whatever, that girl gets around anyway” or “She is kind of a slut”. Now this is something, even when it might be the “other woman” that I’m not really cool with. I think we could all take a lesson from Tina Fey and the movie Mean Girls.

Calling other women “sluts” or “whores” or slut-shaming can have really negative impacts on that person and on women in general. Slut-shaming is when people shame and/or attack a woman for having one or more sexual partners or acting in a sexual way. Just as Tina said “You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it ok for guys to call you sluts and whores”. This of course is not the only reason I think we should stop calling each other sluts and whores but she does make a great point.

I also like to think that a woman can do as she pleases! You want one monogamous relationship? Awesome! You want a different man every weekend? Great! You want a man one night and a woman the next? Absolutely! It is your prerogative and who am I to tell anyone they can or cannot or should or should not do something? Not to mention, a man would most likely be praised by his friends for getting with a bunch of girls but when a girl does it she is a slut? If we don’t like that double standard than we have got to stop endorsing it!

Slut-shaming can also have really negative impacts on the woman being slut-shamed. Women and girls have become depressed, self-conscious, and even committed suicide because of slut-shaming. I’m also a strong believer that women need to stick together and have each other backs. We are a giant sisterhood after all!

I’m not writing this because I am a perfect person who has never called anyone a slut but I plan on never saying those things again. I propose that we all try to eliminate the words “slut” and “whore” from our vocab. Will you try it with me? We might actually make a difference, starting here at JMU (be the change, right?) and we might even grow closer to other women which would be pretty awesome too.


2 Responses to “Stop Calling Each Other Sluts and Whores”

  1. cpowell92

    This is a great thought you have that I have actually always thought about every time I watch that clip from mean girls! I feel like there is definitely that double standard out there that guys are praised for having multiple partners and girls aren’t, but I also feel like as women, we do a lot to provoke that. When I meet a guy or talk to a guy friend and he has told me how many people he has been with, I do not make it a point to be like “oh wow that is a large/small number”. However, when girls talk about their number there is so much more judgement about it large or small and mostly that judgement comes from other women! This has just been my experience and I think it ties in great with the fact that as women, we should come together and not bash each other about anything! Slut-shamming especially. There is no reason to judge anyone based on the clothes they wear, the body size they are, or the people they have slept with. If women were to stand up for other women then guys would get that message too! However, like Tina Fey said, if we as women do not back each other up, then why would men try and back us up, about anything??


    • tohellwithsugarandspice

      Thanks for the comment! I totally agree that telling your number can cause the same type of judgment. I never understood why girls care about other girls numbers any way.



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