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Quick Hit: An Update in Non-Discrimination


Gender bread person


The JMU non-discrimination policy is the policy which allows the campus community to file complaints about harassment or discrimination and attempt to seek redress. It currently protects people based on race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, parental status, and political affiliation. Now, there is an effort underway at JMU to add gender identity and expression to that list.

The Transgender Inclusion Committee is taking on this important issue by asking the JMU community to sign an online petition in support of the policy revision. As the policy stands currently, it is difficult to determine how sex would be interpreted in instances of discrimination based on person’s gender identity or gender expression. This leaves the transgender community at risk of being silenced and/or unprotected when they encounter harassment or discrimination.

While the trans* community is most obviously effected, this addition is intended to protect anyone who experiences discrimination based on how they identify their gender or express it. In signing this petition, we are calling attention to the need to differentiate between sex and gender as well as the need to create a safer campus environment.

Please take a few seconds to sign this petition and help us become a better JMU!


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