Quick Hit: “Curse of Blood” Period Panties??

So I came across a video for a product called Period Panties the other day and for a number of reasons it did not sit well with me. For starters, this product was created by a guy who basically got tired of his girlfriend constantly shutting down his advances when she was on her menstrual cycle. So dude thinks: “There’s got to be a way for us to know that we are not welcome during this time of the month!” So he got the bright idea to create panties with really vulgar sayings on them that basically shame you for having a period.


Okay so first of all, these panties assume that all couples where there is a woman involved don’t engage in sexual activities during menstruation. LOTS of women actually enjoy sex while they’re on their period because it feels amazing and lessens your menstrual symptoms. Laci Green made a lovely video to educate people on the pros and cons of period sex and she also explains why it’s been seen as such a taboo in our culture. These panties are adding to the misconception that sex on your period is wrong, that having a period is dirty/gross/unnatural, and that you can’t talk to your partner about your period…..you must wear period panties to warn them.

Also, as a petite woman even if I wanted these panties I couldn’t buy them. A size small is equated to a  size 4-6 and no XS is available. Because girls size 00-3 don’t get their periods right?

Ladies, your period is natural and part of what makes you a woman! So in that case periods should be considered sexy, not shameful.

What are your thoughts on this? Anyone down for the period panties?

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: “Curse of Blood” Period Panties??

  1. So obviously communication between this man and his girlfriend is either non-existent or on caveman level. I cannot understand why he thought atrocious, sexist, and completely fashion-rule-breaking underwear where his only option for understanding when his girlfriend was not in the mood. I hope she moves on. Or learns the wonders that is “period sex”.


    1. Thank you for your comment!! Yeah I totally agree, like…talking to each other could work in lieu of these creepy underwear. And ya know…if he wanted to make period positive panties (like what I did there?) I wouldn’t spend money on them because I mean…normal panties work just as well…but I wouldn’t be against them. It just irks me that these are acting like a period is some scary terrible thing that happens. ITS NORMAL. jeez.


  2. This article is enlightening. The way a man treats a woman on her period holds so many implications. If a man can’t handle his woman on her period, how will he act during her pregnancy and childbirth? It also speaks volumes about masochism, patriarchy, and gender roles in our society. A woman is supposed to hide her period, be ashamed, and feel miserable about her menstrual cycle. I personally love being on my period because it reminds me of my strength as a female. My mom taught me from a young age that it is a beautiful thing that should be revered, not feared. Celebrating our cycles is celebrating womanhood. These panties are a disgrace and downright offensive. My boyfriend would laugh and throw them in the trash can if he ever saw them on me. Thanks for sharing ChelleBelle!


    1. Yeah I totally agree with you! You make a great point about pregnancy. If a guy shames you for being on your period, how will he act when your body changes? And also will he be able to help you through the delivery? Thanks for commenting!!


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