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Lets Do a Little Housekeeping Pt. 2

Along with speaking with “Miss Awesome,” I also had an in depth conversation with another housekeeper. I will call this housekeeper, “Miss Amazing.” When I talked to her about her work experience, she enlightened me on some of the negative effects of being a housekeeper. Miss Amazing discussed with me that she is being forced to work in construction areas and we all know how dangerous it can be to work in those environments. Miss Amazing also states that the big Christmas dinner that is for the custodial staff is one that is provided by the custodial staff. Basically the custodial staff spends the whole year selling baked goods and other food to pay for the banquet. This may be different in the upcoming years, but this is what Miss Amazing has experienced this year and years in the past. This is why in the last post I proposed that JMU funding should go into these dinners. I believe that is important to celebrate and recognize this hard work.

Moving away from JMU, I was really motivated about talking about hotel workers. I want to focus on what we can do to make their lives easier. Here are some easy steps to not being an asshole.

  1. If you’re staying more than night don’t ask to replace your towels or sheets, that’s just unnecessary.
  2. Tip them and when you do tip them well! I feel like a lot of us forget about tipping the cleaning people in hotels. We think oh their not a waiter or waitress, we’re not at a restaurant, they aren’t delivering pizza, we don’t have to tip these people. THEY CLEAN AFTER YOU! So you should probably tip them.
  3. When they come into the room don’t just ignore them; I would hate it if I spent my whole day cleaning after people and everyone acted like I don’t exist.
  4. Want to also become more informed? Look up articles and documents from housekeepers about their experiences. Being more informed will make you more inclined to help the cause.
  5. Say thank you.
  6. Before you leave try to clean up after yourself as much as possible. Make sure there are not personal trash items on the floors such as wrappers and tissues, because no one wants to pick up that shit. Also put all your towels in one area that will help so the housekeeper doesn’t have to go all throughout the room collecting the towels.

There are probably more ways in which you could show appreciation and I know using the word asshole may be a little much, but think about what you are when you don’t show respect for these people. I definitely want to talk more about housekeepers in other college campuses, but I really wanted this blog post to be a little bit lighter than the last. Trust me I am not done with this issue, I will keep on fighting for what I think housekeepers deserve.

4 Responses to “Lets Do a Little Housekeeping Pt. 2”

  1. SarahStar77

    I think another way of showing appreciation besides the standard/very important thank you and tipping part for housekeepers as a whole is to make conversation. I know when I tell anyone who has a job to have good day most of the time they are happy to hear someone say that to them. Again I am happy you have brought up this issue. We should throw a fundraiser for the JMU housekeepers so they don’t have to raise funds for their own holiday banquet.


    • bestlittlelion92

      Thank you for your comment! I think you make a very good point about showing appreciation and I am totally on board with throwing a fundraiser for the housekeepers. I will update you my plans for this venture and feel free to give me any ideas!


  2. Caleb

    Definitely try and clean up as much as you can yourself. This will help the cleaning service and show a lot of appreciation.



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